12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (2022)

Pre-employment assessment tools test candidates on the skills necessary to do the job and can help reduce the time it takes to make a new hire by ensuring you interview only the most qualified candidates. There is no single best pre-employment assessment tool. Your needs will determine what matters most to your company and which hiring assessment tool you should use.

Because there are hundreds of options, we’ve put together this list of the best pre-employment assessment tools available today.

Pre-Employment Assessment Tools Compared


Lowest Cost Plan

Key Feature

$1,800 per year

Give assessment during a live interview via their platform

$149 per month

25% discount on annual billing and ATS integration with upgraded plan

$50 per month

Exceptional option for developer and IT-focused positions

$249 per month

Give up to 100 assessments at the same time

$59 per month

Every plan has a 14-day free trial

Free for five tests

Includes tests for less common areas, like legal and math


Features a 92% test completion rate

Sliding scale

Uses a computer game to test on 11 key competencies, giving you a full picture of each candidate

$100 per month

Uses in-house psychologists to fit assessments to your company culture and needs

$199 per month

Compares and ranks all candidates together


Used to screen candidates before they reach your inbox

Fit Small Business Excel Test


Quick and effective screening of Excel skills

Check out our guide on pre-employment assessments to learn more about how to use them.

Top Hard Skills Pre-employment Assessment Tools

Even though degree requirements are going by the wayside, you still need to know whether an employee has the skills necessary for the job. These hard skills pre-employment assessment tools will give you insight into each candidate’s skill level for the core requirements of the position.

1. iMocha

With over 2,500 skills tests, iMochaoffers one of the most comprehensive skills-based pre-employment assessments. It offers tests in coding, information technology (IT), engineering, business, accounting, and almost any other skill you could possibly need.

It also offers a “live interview” functionality for hiring developers, where you can use their pre-employment assessment during the interview. You can also have a custom skills assessment created for your company by an expert in the field in under two days.

Cost: All of these features are not cheap. While iMocha offers a free trial, it does not publish its prices. When contacted for a quote, its most economical plan was $1,800 per year, which included 300 pre-employment assessments and no custom tests, though you can add a few custom questions to an existing test. For access to subject matter experts who will create custom tests for you, the cost increases to $6,000 annually.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (1)

iMocha’s live interview functionality (Source: iMocha)

2. Vervoe

Vervoe claims to predict a candidate’s job performance using pre-employment skills assessments to test job-ready skills. Using the results of this hiring assessment tool, Vervoe claims that you’ll hire faster and with less turnover.

Its assessment library includes testing on skills ranging from IT to copywriting to retail associates. With such a vast library, you’re bound to find a pre-employment skills assessment that fits your needs.

Cost: The most economical plan is the Starter package, which includes two assessments per month for $149. If you need more assessments each month, you can get four for $529 in the Professional plan, which also includes integration with your applicant tracking system (ATS) and additional reporting. If you pay annually for either plan, you can save 25%.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (2)

Vervoe’s content bank can help you create a tailored assessment. (Source: Vervoe)

3. HackerRank

Designed specifically for technology companies or technology-related jobs, HackerRankattempts to identify skills not found on a candidate’s resume. With deep reporting, you can view an applicant’s skill level in each of the key areas of the job. This lets you know where the candidate excels and where they may need some additional training before you hire them.

HackerRank claims that nearly half of all developers worldwide have completed at least one pre-employment assessment on their platform. If you need to hire a developer, this is your tool.

Cost: HackerRank’s budget-friendly plan includes access to tests only during interviews conducted on their platform for $50 per month, or $25 if billed annually. The next plan includes 360 annual assessments and the ability to send tests to candidates. This plan costs $319 per month or $249 if billed annually. It has additional plans which provide more assessments, ATS integration, the ability to modify assessments, and other features.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (3)

HackerRank’s assessment scoring summary. (Source: HackerRank)

4. Xobin

Offering over 1,000 pre-employment screening tests, Xobinclaims to reduce your time to hire to about one week. Tests include everything from HR and finance to business and IT skills.

The big draw to Xobin is that even its most economical plan offers unlimited pre-employment assessments and unlimited candidates. If you’re hiring for several positions or asking many candidates to complete a test, you don’t have to worry about spacing them out because it lets you have 100 candidates taking tests simultaneously.

Cost: The Essential plan, its most economical, costs $249 per month, or $199 if you are billed annually. Its Standard plan is $499 per month, or $399 billed annually, but is probably overkill for small businesses.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (4)

Xobin’s assessment results summary and overview (Source: Xobin)

5. Skillmeter

Where Skillmeterstands out is its ability to let you build your own pre-employment assessments. You can have candidates show their skills through video, typing, answering questions, uploading files, and many other ways—simply added to your custom assessment.

Like the other options, Skillmeter gives you access to some pre-built assessments. Most of these are IT-related, but it also has some project management and software tests. Every plan offered by Skillmeter begins with a 14-day free trial.

Cost: Its Standard plan is $59 per month and includes up to 50 custom assessments—but no access to its pre-built tests. If you need pre-built tests, along with the ability to create your own, the Premium plan doubles the number of assessments you can give and costs $119 per month. The Ultimate plan offers unlimited everything for $239 per month.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (5)

Skillmeter walks you through creating your own customized tests. (Source: Skillmeter)

6. Skillsarena

Skillsarena helps you measure an applicant’s skills and determine if they would be successful in the job. Offering skills assessments in math, software, language, clerical, industrial, legal, and other tasks, it lets you objectively measure applicants and filter out the unqualified.

It also offers logic and reasoning tests you can give candidates. These tests aren’t exactly hard skills but may be necessary out-of-the-box thinking you’ll need someone to have in a particular role. While Skillsarena is based in England, you don’t have to be an international employer to find value.

Cost: The best part about Skillsarena is that its most economical plan is free. With access to every assessment in its system, you can give up to five tests at no cost. The downside is that it doesn’t have monthly or annual plans, so if you need more assessments, you’ll need to pay about $550 for an additional 25 tests. It also offers volume discounts if you contact the support team.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (6)

Skillsarena assessment questions can be fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice. (Source: Skillsarena)

Top Soft Skills Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Soft skills assessments seek to decipher whether an employee is a good fit for your company’s culture. Using different methods, these hiring tools will help you determine which candidate has the best personality traits to be successful in your organization.

Check out our applicant screening guide to learn more ways you can evaluate candidates.

7. Harver

Using an algorithm, Harveruses science and data to predict the quality of a candidate by measuring soft skills. It tests a candidate’s aptitude, cultural fit, and ability to succeed, given the requirements of your job.

The biggest problem with pre-employment assessments is that so many candidates simply don’t finish. Harver boasts a 92% completion rate by creating quick and engaging assessments. Its tests assess candidates in almost any industry, including retail, hospitality, finance, and even general remote work.

Cost: Unfortunately, Harver does not publicly disclose its pricing other than to say it’s determined by the number of assessments and applicants you expect.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (7)

Harver offers fully tailored matching scores. (Source: Harver)

8. Owiwi

Owiwi does soft skill pre-employment testing differently. The assessments come in the form of a computer game. Candidates play through a game of choices which ultimately reveal key character traits, letting you assess their cultural fit.

Each assessment by Owiwi measures accountability, adaptability, decision making, ability to change, integrity, learning agility, resilience, teamwork, project management, entrepreneurship, and people support. When applicants complete the game assessment, you’ll receive a full report breaking down their soft skills. Based in the UK, Owiwi caters to companies hiring for any position in any industry.

Cost: Owiwi’s costs are based on a sliding scale. The more assessments you need, the more it will cost, but the more you’ll save per test. For example, if you need 20 assessments, that will cost about $625 total, or about $31 per test. If you need 100 assessments, your total price is about $2,700, but only $27 per test. Owiwi also offers a free trial.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (8)

Owiwi’s assessment dashboard (Source: Owiwi)

9. HighMatch

HighMatch claims to be able to predict if a candidate will be successful with your company by assessing personality traits and problem-solving skills. Using in-house psychologists, it creates a hiring profile for your job based on the needs of the role. This information allows it to modify its tests to specifically fit the job you’re trying to fill.

You can also create your own custom assessments. HighMatch lets you deliver assessments at any stage of the hiring process, letting you screen applicants when you see fit.

Cost: HighMatch offers pricing specifically designed for small businesses. Its Essential plan, the most budget-friendly, is $100 per month and offers testing for one job. If you need access to two jobs at once, it’s $125 per month, and $150 per month for three jobs.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (9)

HighMatch’s job fit summary (Source: HighMatch)

10. Bryq

Bryq attempts to look beyond a resume and show you deep insight into an applicant’s soft skills. Its software compares the candidates for your open position and ranks them based on their fitness for both the job and your company. This unique approach can help you find the right hire faster.

After a candidate completes an assessment, you’ll get a full report breaking down their strengths and weaknesses. Not only will this report compare candidates for the job, you can use this information to have more effective and direct interviews.

Cost: Bryq no longer publishes its pricing, but, based on a demo call, its price for one job is $199 per month. To get additional pricing options, you’ll need to contact the support team, but it does offer a free trial so you can test the platform.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (10)

Sample Bryq assessment question for a general counsel role (Source: Bryq)

Top Free Pre-employment Assessment Tools

Hiring employees is hard and costly enough. Luckily, the following providers offer free pre-employment assessment tools to help you hire qualified candidates without breaking the bank. While we recommend using one, we understand if you don’t want to pay more money for a pre-employment assessment tool.

11. Indeed

Indeed offers its own pre-employment assessment tools. The vast majority of its assessments test hard skills, though some do measure soft skills and whether a candidate is a fit for your company culture.

The best part about the Indeed pre-employment assessment tool is that you can use it to screen candidates before they even get to your inbox, saving you time wading through unqualified applicants. You can also send an Indeed assessment at any point during your hiring process.

Cost: It’s free, with the caveat that you may need to pay if you’re sending too many tests. Unless you’re a recruiting firm or staffing agency, you probably won’t pass this threshold.

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (11)

Indeed enables you to screen candidates for hard skills as well as aptitude and cognitive abilities. (Source: Indeed)

12. Fit Small Business Excel Test

Specifically for people in accounting, finance, or other positions requiring the daily use of Excel, we have created an Excel test you can use for free. This lets you test a candidate’s Excel abilities. You can even modify the test to suit your needs.

Cost: Free

12 Best Pre-employment Assessment Tools for 2022 (12)

FSB’s free test uses scenarios to evaluate a candidate’s Excel skills.

Bottom Line

In today’s work environment, many employers have rightfully shifted to a skills-based approach, leaving behind degree requirements and instead focusing on an individual’s ability to do the actual work. Using a pre-employment assessment tool can help with this.

This is not a comprehensive list of pre-employment assessment tools, as there are hundreds of hiring assessment tools available to you. Our goal is to help you narrow the field and select a tool that best meets your needs. Using any of the above options will help you hire faster and more efficiently.

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