Elite Software Engineer Program (2022)

Launch yourself into software engineer jobs at top-tier tech companies with confidence, technical skills and a strong portfolio.

Elite Software Engineer Program (1)

About Our SoftwareEngineering Program

Qwasar’s Software Engineering program is arguably one of the leading backend programs in North America. It is highly respected among top-tier tech companies and recruiters, largely for its focus on C, C++, Rust, compilers and Assembly, low-level programming, and depth of technical skills sought by employers. Our comprehensive, elite program is entirely project-based, meaning learners develop a strong technical portfolio as well as desired hard and soft skills.

Our focus is training learners to Silicon Valley standards, and in developing a breadth and depth of technical skills with an emphasis on structured problem solving, critical thinking, and extensive preparation for meeting employer demands for entry-level jobs.

Program Options Available

Full-time and part-time programs available remotely.

RemotePart-time Weekday

18 months

Tues/Thurs meetings


Start dates:

8 Nov 2022

17 Jan 2023

07 Mar 2023

09 May 2023

11 Jul 2023

19 Sept 2023

31 Oct 2023


RemotePart-time Saturdays

18 months

Saturday meetings


Start dates:

12 Nov 2022

21 Jan 2023

11 Mar 2023

13 May 2023

15 July 2023

23 Sept 2023

4 Nov 2023


RemoteFull-time Weekdays

12 months

Mon – Fri meetings


Start dates:

8 Nov 2022

17 Jan 2023

07 Mar 2023

09 May 2023

11 Jul 2023

19 Sept 2023

31 Oct 2023


  • Join a specific cohort
  • Virtual meetings 1-3x per day
  • Learn in a community
  • 100% hands-on learning
  • Accountability & motivation
  • Live coding sessions
  • Interviews with industry SWEs
  • Minimum 3-month commitment for each program option
(Video) NFPA 14 Standpipe Elite Software Hydraulic Calculation in Urdu

Pricing/Program Costs

Qwasar programs are $2,400 in total and can be paid upfront or in monthly payments. The first two months are due after enrolling and before your start date. This is non-refundable.

Once enrolled in Qwasar programs, you will be sent an enrollment contract.

If you enroll on a part-time basis, you pay $100 per month until you gain an internship, apprenticeship, or employment, at which point you pay the final remaining sum up to a total of $2,400 which can be paid one-off or monthly at $200/mo.

If you’re full-time, you pay $200 per month until you gain an internship, apprenticeship, or employment, at which point you pay the final remaining sum up to a total of $2,400 which can be paid one-off or monthly at $200/mo.

Prices are in US Dollars and are for learners in North America. Please see our pricing page for more information.

Software Engineering Program Curriculum

What you’ll cover throughout your learning journey. Direct entry to Seasons is available.

Elite Software Engineer Program (2)


Cover basic software engineering principles: variables, functions, loop statements, if statements, basic algorithms and data structures. Begin using an IDE and the terminal. This track is the equivalent of a coding bootcamp.



Elite Software Engineer Program (3)


Cover fundamental computer programming concepts and learn the basics of C. Build a solid foundation in back-end programming including pointers, arrays, strings, algorithms, hash data structures, software architecture, blockchain basics and more.


Elite Software Engineer Program (4)


Learners advance to more in-depth C programming as well as a bit of Ruby. Build a Shell, use intermediate data structures and algorithms while building in C, then move on to compilers and LibASM. The track concludes with building malloc (memory allocation).



Elite Software Engineer Program (5)


Perhaps one of the most challenging tracks, learners dig into object oriented programming, C++ or Rust, network programming, real-world software projects, and move into advanced algorithms, AI, and advanced data structures.



Elite Software Engineer Program (6)


Learners complete a final program project that aligns with the industry in which they want to get a job. The project must be about 3 months in duration and of significant technical difficulty. Learners will also contribute to open source projects.




Learning Top Skills is Tough

Learning skills is like learning a sport, a musical instrument, or cooking: it takes time, learning by doing, trial and error, and lots of practice. NBA players don’t get good by watching lectures or videos. Skills-based learning at Qwasar is TOUGH.

The key to our programs is to not give up. No matter how difficult the problem is in front of you, do not give up. Great engineers do not give up but instead apply structured problem solving.

After your hard work and upon completing the program, learners will earn a certificate from Qwasar Silicon Valley for the Elite Software Engineering Program.

Elite Software Engineer Program (7)

How Learning Works

What you will be doing throughout the program.

Elite Software Engineer Program (8)


Each season has a series of projects to complete that last 1 day to up to 3 months. These are problems and challenges to build software based on certain requirements and restrictions.

One example of a project would be to build a task-management software with tags, permissions, and a basic user interface.

(Video) Junior Software Engineer DO I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING?

Elite Software Engineer Program (9)


Each week, participants will have 1-5 coding exercises to complete. These are accessed through our software and your code is auto-graded to ensure it is up to speed and functioning. This is part of the learning process.We have over 800 exercises in our library with thousands of test cases!

Elite Software Engineer Program (10)


We use role play to develop soft skills such as job negotiations or conflict resolution. We also use role play in technical interview practice where participants will both be the interviewee and the interviewer. This dual-sided perspective is unique to our program & helps build better interviewees.

Elite Software Engineer Program (11)


Our system is gamified, meaning that you will earn and spend “Qpoints.” As you complete peer code reviews, you earn points and as you submit your projects for review, you will spend Qpoints.

What Sets Us Apart

Silicon ValleyStandards

We train to standards set by Silicon Valley for software engineers. This means the level is much higher than that of bootcamps, and higher than that of CS degrees. Your specialty is being an elite engineer at a world-renown level.

Technical Skills & Knowledge

Thanks to the depth and breadth of our program curriculum, you acquire a level of technical skills and knowledge that learners in other programs or bootcamps simply never acquire.

Strong Back-end Skills

The vast majority of bootcamps don’t cover data structures or algorithms. CS degrees don’t cover hands-on application of theory or actually developing software architecture. We cover both and your strong back-end skills and experience with databases, data structures, and algorithms will set you apart from other candidates.

Depth of Technical Portfolio

Learners develop a technical portfolio that has depth and shows the extent of their technical skills and ability to handle databases, deployments, and development. Neither bootcamps nor CS degrees offer this.

Why Qwasar

Why pay more, study less, and then spend 6-12 months trying to find a job (at a bootcamp or CS degree), when you could pay less, study more, and give yourself a much higher chance of gaining employment at (or before graduation)?

Unlike others, our learning model is backed by significant learning science and the learning experience is rooted in learning by doing and in a learning community.

Our employment rates are within 2 months of graduating, not 6 or 12, and most learners gain employment before they finish the curriculum.

We’re way cheaper than other options, and offer flexible learning opportunities.

We list some of the reasons why you should consider Qwasar:

  • Train to Silicon Valley standards

  • MUCH greater depth of fundamentals, data structures, algorithms

  • Freedom and flexibility in learning – i.e. time to learn what you don’t understand

  • Hugely diverse and welcoming learning community

  • Depth and breadth of languages, technical skills, and frameworks covered

  • Extensive technical interview, resume, and profile training/resources

  • Industry-leading coding and learning management platform

  • Access to alumni network for referrals to jobs

Real Employer Partnerships and High Employment Rates

Qwasar works directly with employers and hiring partners who recruit from our programs. Partners include LinkedIn, Capgemini, Workday, Claris, Accenture, Crowdstrike, and more.

Many employers have reached out to us to recruit directly from our programs. Qwasar is recognized in industry for its superior programs, curriculum, and graduates, and as a result, our learners often have significantly better opportunities for recruitment into jobs, internships, and apprenticeships compared to bootcamp grads.

As of June 2022, our programs have a 95% employment rate for learners who finish the program, with most learners gaining employment before they finish the program. The employment rate is calculated within 6 weeks of graduation, NOT 6-12 months after graduation.


Elite Software Engineer Program (12)

Elite Software Engineer Program (13)

Career Support

Our entire program is designed to make you a great candidate. Qwasar has created a career support track and community called Technical Interview Preparation Program (TIPP), which students join in Season 2. This includes:

Interview Preparation and Practice

  • Complete 20-40 technical interview role plays
  • Better understand the interviewer perspective by living it
  • Complete HackerRank challenges
  • Practice answering behavioral interview questions

Resume and Profile Preparation

  • Technical resume help, review, and feedback
  • LinkedIn profile review and feedback
  • Resume and profile keyword suggestions
  • Resume format requirements for optimal application responses

Technical Portfolio Development

  • Develop a strong technical portfolio as you complete the progra
  • Review and publish your code for your resume’s portfolio

Useful Resources

  • Technical resume templates
  • Behavioral interview worksheet
  • “Tell me about yourself” 2-min pitch worksheet
  • Job application tracking system
  • TIPP community meetings and support
  • Access to unique hiring platforms with jobs from companies looking for candidates without a computer science degree
(Video) how programmers overprepare for job interviews


What to Expect

At Qwasar, you are responsible for your learning, just as you would be responsible for your work in a job. Problem-based learning involves finding, trying, and building solutions. With no single source of truth and no answers provided, it’s up to you to figure out how to make your code work, when and how to ask for help, and how to successfully build software in a team.


Attend an Information Session

Join us for a session on what learning is like at Qwasar. Sign up to learn more about our program options and how each cohort works:

Sign Up

“I have a career in the Tech Industry thanks to the educational model that Qwasar's leadership team has built. They have created an inclusive and accessible software engineering program making it possible for anyone to enter the tech industry and succeed without the burden of college loan debt. That to me is creating social equity.”

Elite Software Engineer Program (15)

Matthew Jones

Software Engineer

Join an Outstanding Learning Community!

Joining Qwasar is about joining a learning community. Learning on your own is hard, watching online videos can be boring, and sharing your learning journey (and certainly lots of jokes) with others is important.

Our platform and Discord chat, as well as our program meetings, are all about building and participating in the community. When you join our programs, you have access to:

  • Group debugging sessions
  • Small group sessions
  • Virtual coworking rooms
  • Sophisticated peer code review system
  • Coding collaboration workshops and pair programming
  • Our lively Discord online chat (with a tech news section and a meme section)

Learn More

Transitioning Careers? Join the Club!

Qwasar is a hive of career switchers. We have people who are or were: baristas, retail associates, medical assistants, accountants, professional musicians, biomedical researchers, teachers, finance directors, IT support professionals, network engineers, mechanical engineers, college students in non-technical fields, business analysts, writers, translators, and more.

We also have career returners and veterans in the community.

Chances are high that you’ve got transferable skills. Here’s an example we put together for people transitioning from accounting:

A 6-Step Guide on How to Transition From Accounting to Tech

(Video) How do you grow as a software engineering manager? And other questions answered

Read More

Check Job Descriptions: Our Curriculum Aligns to Employer Demands

Our curriculum is based on what employers are looking for in software engineers.
Other programs don’t cover the minimal level required by Tier 1 tech companies.

Here’s how we stack up:



CS Degree

Hands-on experience designing and implementing software architecture, able to contribute to architecture discussions



Proven experience with low-level programming (C, C++, Assembly, Rust, etc.)


Depends by student

Proven experience with backend development, databases, database design, network programming (C++, Ruby, Java, Go, noSQL, etc.)


Depends by student

Excellent structured problem solvingskills



Experience with the software development lifecycle, i.e. built multiple backend applications from scratch



Ability to translate project description into technical specifications, can handle ambiguity

X (ambiguity eliminated)


Habituated to collaborating to solve problems, pair programming, and communicating in-person and remotely



Write clean, high-quality code and tests, familiar with version control systems



Application Process

To apply to our Software Engineering Program, expect the following steps:

Step 1: Submit your application online.

Step 2: We review your application.

Step 3: You will be invited to schedule a virtual interview.

Step 4: Following the interview, if accepted, you will be invited to enroll.

Step 5: You will receive an email with a link to the enrollment form.

Step 6: You complete the enrollment form.

Following a successful application and enrollment, you will be expected to attend orientation, virtually of course!

Apply Now

Student Brochure

Download a copy of our student brochure for detailed information about our program options, policies, and logistics.

Elite Software Engineer Program (18)

Information Sessions

Join us for a session on what learning is like at Qwasar. Sign up to learn more about our program options and how each cohort works.


Elite Software Engineer Program (19)

Qwasar vs. Others

How do Qwasar programs compare to other tech training options out there? Find out how we stack up.

View More

Elite Software Engineer Program (20)

View Platform

Software drives our programs and learners access one of the world’s most innovative learning platforms for tech talent training.

Software Engineering is the structured utilization of engineering theories and approaches towards computer hardware and software development. Part of a […]

Many educational institutions have focused on the study of software engineering over the years.. Some software engineering universities have risen above others in creating the best software engineers and putting forth the study of computer science.. Find Available Courses Worldwide The University of Oxford is an English institution for higher education, autonomously operating at Oxford, England.. The software engineering discipline in the department has continued to improve as the years go on.. Stanford consistently encouraged the study and research of various fields and disciplines such as software engineering.. The School of Engineering has consistently put Stanford on the global rankings by acquiring numerous awards and honors spanning nine decades.. Stanford University remains at the top bracket of software engineering universities worldwide.. The Department of Computer Science and Technology was founded in 1937.. Carnegie’s Computer Science Department is one of the best software engineering schools and has consistently led in software engineering and produced top-notch graduates since its establishment in 1956.. The Computer Science Department’s track record shows numerous grants and awards for its contributions to the advancement of the discipline.. Evidence of the efforts of its students, faculty, and researchers, Carnegie has remained at the uppermost part of university rankings for software engineering institutions.. Software Engineering is under the umbrella of the Computer Science Department at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.. Graduates and researchers of this excellent software engineering institution continually contributed to the field, putting Harvard in the worldwide rankings yearly.

Elite Software - 30 hvac software programs for all aspects of HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical System Design

Demonstration Software ProgramLimitsOSVerDescriptionFileReport ViewerFree!. Windows1.01Displays and prints saved Print Preview reports.. repviewsetup.exe (2.0M) AUDIT demo limits Windows7.01Residential/Light Commercial Energy Analysis audsetup.exe (9.55MB) Chvac demo limits Windows7.0Commercial HVAC "ASHRAE" Loads ch7setup.exe (15.1MB) DUCTSIZE demo limits Windows6.0Duct Sizing (English and Metric) ducsetup.exe (9.2MB) DPIPE demo limits Windows2.0Waste Drainage Pipe Sizing dpsetup.exe (6.4MB) Drawing. Board demo. limits Windows6.0Draws floor plans and hvac duct work -. Drawing Board works with DUCTSIZE, RHVAC and CHVAC.. To try Drawing Board,. Download the demo versions of either DUCTSIZE, RHVAC, CHVAC, or try them all.. ducsetup.exe (9.2M) rh8setup.exe (14.4M) ch7setup.exe (14.7M)  ECA demo limits Windows4.0Earth Coupled Pipe Loop Sizing EcaSetup.exe (9.8MB) ECOORD demo limits Windows3.0Fuse and Breaker Coordination ecdsetup.exe (6942K) E-Tools demo limits Windows1.0Electrical Tools and Utilities etlsetup.exe (10.8 MB) EZDOE demo limits DOS2.1Energy Analysis by Dept.. of Energy ezdoe210.exe (3.4MB) FIRE demo limits Windows6.0Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculations (English and Metric) firedemo.exe (8.4MB) GASVENT demo limits Windows2.0Gas Vent Sizing gasventw.exe (4.54 MB) HEAVENT demo limits Windows7.75. Industrial Ventilation heavent.exe (6.9MB) HSYM demo limits Windows2.0Chilled & Hot Water Pipe Analysis HsySetup.exe (6.8MB) HTOOLS demo limits Windows3.2Collection of HVAC Utilities htsetup.exe (5.9MB) HVAC Solution demo limits Windows2.0HVAC Schematic System Design HVACSolutionDemo.exe (5.4MB) IAQTOOLS demo limits Windows1.0Indoor Air Quality Tools iaqtools.exe (625K) INDOOR. HUMIDITY TOOLS demo limits Windows1.0Indoor Humidity Tools humidtls.exe (745K) INPOINT demo limits DOS1.2Indoor Point by Point Lighting inpnt120.exe (925K) LIFE demo limits DOS2.0Multi-phased Life Cycle Cost Analysis life202.exe (131K) LIGHT demo limits Windows5.0Zonal Cavity Lighting Calculations lgtsetup.exe (6441K) OUTPOINT demo limits DOS5.1Outdoor Point by Point Lighting otpnt510.exe (722K) PANEL demo limits DOS1.1Panel Design and Component Sizing panel115.exe (369K) PSYCHART demo limits Windows2.0Psychrometric Analysis psysetup.exe (3.99 MB) QUOTE demo limits Windows2.0HVAC Estimating and Sales quotew.exe (9,902K) REFRIG demo limits Windows3.0Refrigeration Box Loads refinst.exe (12.5MB) RHVAC demo limits Windows8.0Residential HVAC "Manual J" Loads rh8setup.exe (14.4M) SHADOW demo limits DOS1.2Glass Shading Analysis shad121.exe (240K) SHORT demo limits DOS4.1Short Circuit Analysis short418.exe (384K) SPIPE demo limits Windows2.0Plumbing Service Supply Pipe Sizing SPSetup.exe (6.7MB) VENTILATION. TOOLS demo limits Windows1.0Ventilation Tools ventools.exe (970K) VDROP demo limits DOS2.1Voltage Drop Calculations vdrop218.exe (371K)

The software development and computer science industries are exploding. Not only are they excellent places to start and continue a career, but they don't look

Software development managers often have master’s degrees in the field.. This means you’ll likely need a bachelor’s degree in either software engineering or another computer science field.. However, a software developer position only requires a bachelor’s degree.. Traditional pathways are best for students who already have bachelor’s degrees in the computer science field or who have lots of experience working with information technology and software engineering.. Their computer science department offers several internships for software engineering degree students, providing additional work experience and networking opportunities if they have the time to spare.. At the end of the program, students can complete either a thesis or an engineering capstone project.. Those students who’ve completed a bachelor’s degree at Kennesaw either in computer game design and development or in software engineering may have the opportunity to complete the master’s program on an accelerated basis.. Their program is an M.S.. in computer science focuses on software engineering rather than being a dedicated degree in the field.. is in both computer science and software engineering, and the curriculum reflects both this focus on general computer science knowledge and more specialized classes.. In addition to high test scores and a degree in computer science or related field, Carnegie Mellon also demands that all students have familiarity with software development technologies, as well as several programming languages and other computer science methods or standards.. in Software Engineering. in Software Engineering. in Software Engineering

What Do You Need to Become an Elite Developer?

As I’ve been exposed to more customers and as I’ve turned over members of our team[footnote: developer turnover is a natural and expected byproduct of growth in a technology company, I’ve come to learn.. I’m sure every company says this, but in our case it’s true: we need elite developers in order to solve our customer’s problems.. So what character traits does an elite developer have?. Humility – the best developers I’ve worked with know that they are talented but don’t know just how good they are relative to their peers.. They do the best job that they can and do it knowing that their work isn’t perfect; contains bugs; might not completely meet the spec; and might be changed in the future.. Inquisitive developers do a much better job of learning how their code fits inside a larger system and learning about the real-world use cases for it.. This allows a developer to work on a small part of a really large system and understand how their work will integrate with components that aren’t finished or haven’t been started yet.. Experience with multiple types of development tools is a good thing, because great developers recognize that improving your workflow habits over time is just as important as improving your programming knowledge and experience.. Some sysadmin / operational knowledge – writing the code is only the first step; deploying it or releasing it comes next.

Earn a degree in Software Engineering from one of Canada's top engineering schools. Gain 2 years of paid co-op work experience.

Whether you want to create a VR training program for surgeons, the next innovative OS, or tomorrow’s fleet of autonomous vehicles, software engineers have endless career options in today’s tech-enabled world.. Plus, you’ll learn how to work in teams and manage projects, all while being taught within one of the best universities in the world for software engineering (Shanghai World University Rankings 2021).. Use computer programming and engineering problem-solving to create usable, reliable, and efficient software.. With its renowned co-op program and a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem, Waterloo Engineering is one of the world’s top engineering schools.. Tools and automation engineering intern Data scientist Mobile developer Software developer iOS developer Production engineering Algorithms engineering. Graduates often pursue careers in software engineering and development, consulting, and more.. Software Engineer – Microsoft Software Development Engineer – Amazon Software Developer – Electronic Arts (Canada) Software Engineer – Google Innovation Specialist – Telus Web Development Engineer – Amazon Senior Software Engineer – Uber Technologies. You’ll meet people with similar interests and goals, benefit from networking with experts in the engineering profession, and develop some great skills for your résumé.. EngSoc is run by students for students and provides many social and academic events and services to make your experience as a Waterloo Engineering student the best it can be.. Benefit from mentoring for first-year students or get involved and meet other students through an annual conference, semiformal, career fair, charity events, community outreach, and much more!. As Waterloo Computer Science student, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in competitions such as Hack the North .. Women in Engineering (WiE) supports female students and engineers while encouraging the next generation of women to pursue careers in engineering.. "Danny, second-year Software Engineering student. Advanced Functions (minimum final grade of 70% is required) Calculus and Vectors (minimum final grade of 70% is required) Chemistry (minimum final grade of 70% is required) Physics (minimum final grade of 70% is required) English (ENG4U) (minimum final grade of 70% is required)

A software developer’s career ladder consists basically of three rungs: junior, middle, and senior. The industry applies this terminology to better under

Reading time: 12minutesA software developer’s career ladder consists basically of three rungs : junior, middle, and senior.. Being aware of the developer seniority levels will help set more accurate expectations for a particular engineer.. In this article, we will analyze software developer’s seniority according to the following criteria: technical knowledge, day-to-day duties, independent work, interaction with the team, and vision.. Applying them to the given gradation will provide a broader perspective of seniority in software development.. To reduce the impact of inaccurate self-assessment on skill acquisition, and overall career growth, developers should constantly work on improving their competency level by expanding their knowledge domain and gathering feedback from different parts of a business.. Developers with deep specialized knowledge and exhaustive experience that allow them to mentor their peers are titled Seniors.. A senior developer will always think of what they are doing in terms of how much benefit it brings to the business.. According to the Dreyfus model, seniority can be divided into two stages: Proficient (junior expert) and Expert.. These senior developers have transformed their expertise into intuition.. Having high technical skills, a senior developer is comfortable with multiple technologies.. Competencies of developer seniority levels. An architect’s job is to design complex systems that will be implemented by teams of senior and junior developers.. Robert Rees, a senior development manager on the digital development team of The Guardian newspaper, comments on that point: “ When recruiting though we need to explain what a senior developer is, not just to ourselves, but to people outside the organization.. Sometimes we also have the difficult job of explaining to people who currently have the title of “senior developer” why we don’t think they are a senior developer here at the Guardian.”. Having a senior developer in a leadership role from day one is necessary to organize the workflow, as only a senior is fully qualified to select proper technologies and platforms for a project.

This tutorial covers software engineer definitions, steps to become a software engineer, Career options, Best practices for software engineers, and more

Software engineering is a process of analyzing user requirements and then designing, building, and testing software application which will satisfy those requirements.. I want to build my career as a software engineer I want to work as a software engineer at an established IT company.. Job TitleDescriptionDegree requiredAnnual SalarySoftware EngineerSoftware engineers work with programmers, designers, and testers to plan other functions for the software to function effectively.Bachelor’s Degree$83,515Principal Software EngineerPrincipal software engineers take care of all the technical details of projects.. Their main task includes efficient scaling and maximizing performance.Bachelor’s Degree: Certified Software Development Professional Certification. Experience: At least 7-10 Years’ Experience$132,964Lead Software Development EngineerLead Software Development Engineer creates custom software to meet organizational needs.. Software engineering is a process of analyzing user requirements and then designing, building, and testing software application which will satisfy those requirements.. Important steps for becoming a professional software engineer are: You should be clear about your end goal and focus on what you want to achieve Need to select at least one programing language to learn Next, you should earn a degree in Computer Science or A Related Field Supplement your study by visiting coding sites like StackOverflow other websites like CodinGame and CodeWars offer thousands of problems which helps you to test your skills.. Most of IT companies start with a screening interview, usually done on the internet, at your home After you successfully clear round of interviews and demonstrate your new skills, you will likely to get a job offer The most important skill for a software engineer is that he or she should be fluent in more than one programming language.. Software Engineer, 2)Principal Software Engineer,3) Lead Software Development Engineer are different types of career options for software engineer.. Software engineers should act in such a way that it is benefited to the client as well as the employer The average salary for a professional Software Engineer is $104,682 per year in the United States.

Forging new paths to tech careers At Microsoft, we know there are many pathways into the technology industry and into our organization. We’re constantly looking for new ways to create unconventional entry points for talent and leverage the skills and experiences of talent from outside the traditional academic paths. In 2015, we launched Microsoft Leap […]

Microsoft Leap’s mission is to recruit, develop, and upskillunconventional talent for employability into the technology industry worldwide.. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Microsoft Leap is following Microsoft company guidance to make decisions about events and in-person learning.. Please follow us on our Microsoft Leap LinkedIn page for any upcoming cohort updates.. Microsoft Leap combines in-classroom learning with hands-on engineering projects, working on real teams and real products within our organization such as Azure, Xbox, Bing, and Office365.. Microsoft Leap participants are change catalysts and change multipliers: they bring a diverse set of personal experiences and cognitive abilities to their work as well as to their colleagues and communities at Microsoft.. Not only is Microsoft Leap launching new cohorts across the country and the globe, but it’s also re-launching the lives of countless individuals looking to make an impact.. Business Program Managers (BPM) work across the business to align major components of many projects simultaneously by organizing people and processes, and analyzing data to drive business decisions.. They’ll learn software engineering fundamentals and a variety of skills to enable them to work across the full stack of Microsoft products.. Technical Support Engineers work across Microsoft cloud technologies, from Azure services to Office 365, to help customers solve cloud services issues they may face.


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