Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers in 2023 (2023)

Software engineers, on average, get paid $1,13,781 yearly; however, the pay scale usually varies depending on the job location, employer, and demographics. The amount you earn as a working software professional will depend on the number of years of experience, skillsets you have, and demand for that job position in the industry. Experienced software engineers make up to millions a year, and even freelance software developers can earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per project.

You can look for Online Software Development Courses to develop your tech skills and build a versatile skill set to start your career in software development and earn handsome compensation.

Whether you are an entry-level software engineer, seasoned veteran, or someone who wants to switch careers and earn 7 figures, this article is for you. This article will discuss some of the highest-paid software engineer companies and the relevant skills needed to land a job in a top-paying software company.

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is described as analyzing, designing, and implementing software solutions and applications according to customizable user preferences. It is a branch of discipline which involves building software products for clients and meeting their required specifications. Software products are known to revolutionize different industry domains and impact businesses for the better.

Top 10 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers

There are many different kinds of software engineering jobs in the tech industry. Some of the highest paying software engineering companies belong to the 'FANG' group in Silicon Valley. 'FANG' is an acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. Engineers who specialize in full-stack web development and have proficiency over multiple programming frameworks get high salaries. Software development opens up maintenance and testing roles which are also very high paying.

Creating a good software product is challenging, and businesses require the development of high-paying software solutions. Software engineers can start at the entry level and advance to higher roles if they are motivated, work smart and keep developing their skills. The goal of every engineer is to innovate and solve problems. If software engineers have the right mindset, deliver good projects, and stick to deadlines, they can move up to higher roles fairly quickly.

The top 10 highest paying companies for software engineers are:

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  1. LinkedIn
  2. Meta
  3. SalesForce
  4. IBM
  5. Tesla
  6. Uber
  7. Snap
  8. Cisco
  9. DoorDash
  10. Intel

Below are the different categories of software engineers:

1. Entry-level Software Engineers

Entry-level software engineers are known as junior engineers or a professional who has just entered the industry after graduation with 0 to 2 years of work experience. These professionals are responsible for developing applications and programs, including taking care of testing and maintenance. As entry-level engineers work on more projects and accumulate work experience, they move on to senior roles in companies. Junior software engineers need to write simple scripts, understand software lifecycles and databases, and are often associated with design aspects in projects.

Top paying software companies for entry-level software engineers are as follows:

  1. Slack
  2. Stripe
  3. Tesla
  4. Facebook
  5. Airbnb
  6. Twitter
  7. Microsoft
  8. Amazon
  9. Google
  10. SalesForce

2. Mid-level Software Engineers

Mid-level software engineers have a few years of work experience and may have already transitioned into senior roles. Companies expect these professionals not to require any supervision and must have a clear direction about their work. Mid-level software engineers are responsible for code reviews, solving problems, debugging, and getting deeply involved with projects. They also need to work with junior developers on multiple project tasks.

Top paying software engineer companies for mid-level are as follows:

  1. IBM
  2. Apple
  3. Stripe
  4. Amazon
  5. Twitter
  6. Adobe
  7. Pinterest
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Google
  10. Alibaba

3. Senior-level Software Engineers

A senior software engineer is a professional who has more than 6 years of work experience in the field. Senior engineers are extremely good at building the best software solutions and making projects highly scalable. Their job is to solve real-world problems and produce products that disrupt industries. These professionals are required to have excellent communication skills and good teamwork capabilities as well.

Top paying companies for senior-level software engineers are as follows:

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  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Huawei
  4. Snap
  5. Uber
  6. Dropbox
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Amazon
  9. DoorDash
  10. PayPal

These are some of the high-paying software engineering companies for software engineers at various levels.

Required Skills to Be in High-paying Companies

Although there are good software development courses covering the foundational skills required by software engineers, the best way to learn is by working on projects and acquiring experience. Here are the top skills you need to land high-paying jobs in companies as a software engineer:

1. Coding and software enhancement

Coding and software enhancement are the most fundamental skills required by developers. There are different programming languages and job roles that require a range of skill sets but having a grip on the most popular coding frameworks is one of the best ways to land high-paying jobs. Some of the most in-demand programming languages are C#, Python, Ruby, Mean, and JAVA.

2. Networking development

Customer relations management, configuring firewalls, network analytics, and security skills fall under network development. These are required not only by network engineers but by junior developers as well.

3. Soft skills

Every industry benefits from good time management and communication skills, so software engineering is no different. Being able to handle multiple projects and sticking to deadlines is important. Effective communication ensures everyone is on the same page, and engineers are known to work alone for long periods. Another important soft skill is having enough empathy or emotional intelligence, especially since products are designed for humans and not machines. Healthy self-awareness helps programmers grow in skills and know what to watch out for when putting out quality work. Businesses scale on creativity, which means thinking out of the box becomes essential. Finally, engineers require patience since writing code and getting projects from start to completion takes a lot of time and reiterations.

4. Algorithm designer

An algorithm designer should have skills related to reduction, modeling, and design techniques and be able to simplify problems while offering good solutions. Good algorithm design is about writing code that is clear, concise, and easily comprehensible by other developers. Organizing data using structures and being able to solve problems quickly is a valuable skill. And good algorithm design skills can save you hours of time and effort in the software development process.

5. Cloud computing

Cloud service handling, storage, and virtualization are the top cloud computing skills needed. Being able to build applications with distributed architectures and deploy them in multi-cloud environments is the key to success as a professional. The industry is becoming more interconnected with the integration of IoT, Cloud, AI, and other advanced technologies, which means Cloud computing skills are no longer optional.

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6. UI designer

Visual communication and wireframing skills are needed by software engineers to get their ideas across to team members. UI design skills are important to make mobile applications responsive and understand how people think. Products are designed according to customer personas, and good UI design addresses all their pain points.

7. Online framework

Online framework skills include the ability to work with web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django, Angular, ASP.NET, and many more. It helps improve robust performance and build applications for web and mobile devices. Frameworks reduce time to market and help engineers develop applications efficiently.

8. Software computing

Software computing skills required from engineers by high-paying software engineering companies are - data modelling, data management, statistics, backup and recovery, Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, MATLAB, etc.

Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers in 2023 (1)

You can check out the Full-stack Developer Bootcamp online to gain a thorough understanding of the processes involved in creating, deploying, securing, and scaling programs, and experience in the user interface, business logic, and database stacks. This boot camp will help aspirants land a job in top-paying companies for software engineers.

Which Companies Pay Software Engineers More Than USD 1 Million?

Some top-paying software companies pay employees more than USD 1 million salary packages every year. Some of the highest paying software engineering companies are:

  • Apple
  • Snap
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • DoorDash
  • Facebook
  • VMWare
  • Uber

Difference Between Salary and Compensation

In traditional terms, the salary of a software engineer is defined as how much money they make at their job. However, compensation includes additional incentives, benefits, insurance, and travel pay. If a company performs well, the compensation packages go up, which means the software developer enjoys numerous benefits. Compensation packages are offered to employees to motivate and encourage them to work hard.

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Want to Work in the Tech Industry? Learn Coding!

If you want to seriously pursue a career in the tech industry, having strong coding skills is a must. Coding equips you with algorithmic thinking, problem-solving ability, and how to work with abstract concepts - all of which are critical skills for software engineers.

Good programming standards reduce the number of errors and complexities during the development process. Good code follows consistent formatting, is easy to maintain, and anyone can modify it at any time. In short, coding is a core competency that is critical to professional success. To develop strong foundations in coding, you can take up a software development course online.


Thus, various companies pay good compensation and salaries to skilled software engineers. The field of software engineering is evolving and growing every day, with new job opportunities opening up for skilled professionals.

You can opt for KnowledgeHut Online Software Development Courses to gain expertise in in-demand digital technologies and advance your career in the domain of software development. The course prepares aspirants with real-world working experience in capstone projects and helps aspirants acquire all the necessary skills needed to get hired by top-paying software engineering companies. Software engineering is a rewarding career path for those who show commitment, creativity, and a passion for solving problems.

Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers FAQs

1. Which company pays the highest for a software engineer?

Apple Inc., Google, Facebook, Netflix, PayPal, and Amazon are the top companies that pay the highest salaries to software engineers.

2. How much do software engineers make?

The average salary of a software engineer in the United States is $1,13,781 (Glassdoor) yearly, and an entry-level software engineer can make an average of $78,742 per year.

3. Which engineer gets paid the most?

The highest paying software engineering jobs involve roles such as full stack developer, data scientist, software architect, SQA Engineer, Android Developer, DevOps Engineer, Application Security Engineer, and Cloud Engineer. Backend engineers and Machine Learning Engineers in the industry also command high salaries.

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Which company gives highest salary to software engineer? ›

The highest paying company for a Software Engineer in India is Google with an average salary of ₹7,621,886.

Which country has highest demand for software engineers 2022? ›

Which country has the highest demand for software engineers? Overall, software development is the most in-demand profession in the world. According to PageGroup, the countries with the highest demand for software developers are Canada, Australia, Russia, Sweden, and New Zealand.

Which company pays highest salary for software engineer fresher? ›

Who offered highest salary to freshers in 2021: TCS, Infosys, HCL...
  • TCS. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) offers an annual salary ranging from Rs. ...
  • Infosys. The Indian IT major, Infosys tops the list by offering the highest minimum salary of Rs. ...
  • HCL. ...
  • Wipro. ...
  • Tech Mahindra. ...
  • Capgemini. ...
  • Cognizant. ...
  • Accenture.

Which job has highest salary in world? ›

The Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs in the World
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • General Surgeon.
  • Senior Software Engineer.
  • Investment Banker.
  • Data Scientist.
  • IT Systems Manager.
4 Oct 2022

Which field in software has highest salary? ›

Top 10 highest paying software jobs in 2022
  • Data security analyst. ...
  • Data scientists. ...
  • DevOps engineer. ...
  • Mobile app developer. ...
  • Full-stack developers. ...
  • Data warehouse architects. ...
  • Site reliability engineers (SRE) ...
  • System engineer.

Which engineering is best in future 2025? ›

15 best engineering jobs for the future
  • Civil engineering technician.
  • Cartographer.
  • Aerospace engineering technician.
  • Industrial engineer.
  • Agricultural engineer.
  • Mechanical engineer.
  • Marine engineer.
  • Civil engineer.

Which is best place for software engineer in the world? ›

Top Cities for Software Engineering Jobs
  1. San Francisco (Silicon Valley), United States. San Francisco, also known as Silicon Valley, is famous for housing top companies globally. ...
  2. Oslo, Norway. ...
  3. Tel Aviv, Israel. ...
  4. Berlin, Germany. ...
  5. London, United Kingdom. ...
  6. Sydney, Australia. ...
  7. Seattle, America. ...
  8. Toronto, Canada.
16 Nov 2022

Which country pays highest salary for it? ›

Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, and Japan are also among the highest-paying nations for tech cloud talent and each offer over $60,000 US as an average yearly salary. On the other hand, countries like Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, and France pay the least to cloud tech professionals.

Which IT domain is best for future? ›

Cloud computing is a crucial part of business digital transformation and is set to dominate the entire business landscape within a few years. A study by Gartner shows that cloud services are projected to grow 19 percent in 2022.

What will be the highest paying jobs in 2040? ›

telemarketing and customer service will be done by artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Changes for Accountants and Lawyers. ...
  • Human-centered Designers and Ethicists. ...
  • Data Scientists and Brokers. ...
  • Robot Therapists. ...
  • Robot Translators. ...
  • Food Engineers. ...
  • Metaverse Architects and World Builders. ...
  • Activist Artists and Creators.
10 May 2022

What are future high paying jobs? ›

10 Best Careers for the Future: Highest Paying & in Demand
  1. Registered Nurses and Medical Professionals. ...
  2. Data Analysts. ...
  3. Plumbers and Electricians. ...
  4. Dentists and Dental Hygienists. ...
  5. Software Developers. ...
  6. Cybersecurity Experts. ...
  7. Alternative Energy Installers and Technicians. ...
  8. Mental Health Professionals.
17 Jan 2021

Can a software engineer earn 1 crore? ›

At the same time, these are opportunities for you to learn and do better next time. If you doubt this, just ask Sampriti Yadav. The 24-year-old software engineer bagged a Rs 1.10-crore job with Google.

Which engineering has highest salary? ›

10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs
  • Civil Engineer. ...
  • Mechanical Engineer. ...
  • Industrial Engineer. ...
  • Biomedical Engineer. ...
  • Electrical Engineer. ...
  • Chemical Engineer. ...
  • Software Engineer. ...
  • Computer Engineer.
21 Jun 2022

What jobs are most successful? ›

Here are the best jobs of 2022:
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Nurse Practitioner.
  • Physician Assistant.
  • Medical and Health Services Manager.
  • Software Developer.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Financial Manager.

Which skill has highest salary? ›

For the students wondering which job has the highest salary in India, check out the below list.
  • Medical Professionals (Doctors & Surgeons)
  • Data Scientist.
  • Machine Learning Experts.
  • Blockchain Developer.
  • Full Stack Software Developer.
  • Product Management.
  • Management Consultant.
  • Investment Banker.
14 Oct 2022

Which technology will pay highest salary? ›

Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs for 2023 and Beyond
  • Full Stack Developer. ...
  • Cloud Architect. ...
  • Blockchain Engineer. ...
  • Data Scientist. ...
  • Software Engineering Manager. ...
  • Cyber Security Engineer. ...
  • Big Data Engineer. ...
  • Mobile Applications Developer.
25 Oct 2022

Which engineering is best for 2024? ›

Here are the best engineering branches and courses for the future: Computer Science and Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Electrical Engineering.

Which engineering is best in 2026? ›

Petroleum Engineering. Telecommunication Engineering. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Robotics Engineering.

Which career is best in 2030? ›

15 Jobs You'll Be Recruiting for in 2030
  • Organ creator. ...
  • Augmented-reality journey builder. ...
  • Metaverse planner. ...
  • Biofilm installer. ...
  • Earthquake forecaster. ...
  • Makeshift structure engineer. ...
  • Algorithm bias auditor. ...
  • Rewilder.

Which country is better for IT jobs? ›

Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, and the United States have higher software engineer salaries than other countries. A data scientist is one of the highest-paid jobs across the globe. Argentina pays PHP developers generously compared to the country's average pay for other IT skills.

Who is the most successful software engineer? ›

Here is the list of the topmost influential programmers who have changed the tech landscape.
  • Larry Page. Google co-founder, Larry Page is known for inventing the search engine along with Sergey Brin. ...
  • Bill Gates. ...
  • Mark Zuckerberg. ...
  • Ken Thompson. ...
  • Linus Torvalds. ...
  • Ada Lovelace. ...
  • Alan Turing.
25 May 2020

How can software engineers get high salary? ›

Ways to Increase Your Software Engineer Salary
  1. Choose a strategic specialisation. A basic rule for increasing your value as a programmer—and, by extension, your salary—is to specialise in a niche with a scarcity of qualified developers. ...
  2. Keep learning. ...
  3. Move companies. ...
  4. Become a team leader. ...
  5. Learn more skills.
12 Apr 2022

Where is the highest salary for IT jobs? ›

Here are some of the highest paying IT jobs in 2023:
  • Data Scientist.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect.
  • Big Data Engineer.
  • Software Architect.
  • Blockchain Engineer.
  • DevOps Engineer.
  • Cloud Architect.
  • Full-Stack Developer.
11 Oct 2022

Which job is best in 2023? ›

Here are the 10 Best Jobs to Move Into in 2023
  • Nurse Practitioner. ...
  • Marketing Analyst. ...
  • Network Security. ...
  • Project Manager. ...
  • Human Resources Roles. ...
  • Blockchain Engineer. ...
  • Digital Marketer. ...
  • Financial Manager. Investment, both personal and organizational, is coming up as a huge sector in the near future.
28 Sept 2022

Which IT field is in demand in future? ›

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer.

What is the future scope of IT industry? ›

With a 6.1% growth in the year 2019, India's IT-BPM sector stood at $177 Billion and approximating growth at this rate, the industry will develop to $ 350 Billion by the year 2025. Speaking of IT and ITES Industry; it grew to $ 181 Billion in the financial year of 2019 as domestic revenue advanced to $ 44 Billion.

Which job has highest salary in world 2025? ›

Soft skills, business acumen in high demand
  • Data Analyst.
  • Financial Analyst.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Cyber-security Specialist.
  • DevOps and Cloud Engineer.
  • Front End Developers.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Financial Planning & Analysis.
29 Jan 2021

What will be the best jobs in 2024? ›

The Top 20 Fastest Growing Jobs by 2024
  • Registered nurses. ...
  • Home health aides. ...
  • Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food. ...
  • Retail salespersons. ...
  • Nursing assistants. ...
  • Customer service representatives. ...
  • Cooks, restaurant. ...
  • General and operations managers.
27 Sept 2016

Which jobs will disappear by 2030? ›

5 jobs that will disappear by 2030
  • Travel agent. It amazes me that a travel agent is still a job in 2020. ...
  • Taxi drivers. ...
  • Store cashiers. ...
  • Fast food cooks. ...
  • Administrative legal jobs.
30 May 2022

What jobs will be good by 2025? ›

A list of the most in-demand skills in the future
  • Data Science & Cloud Computing (Cloud computing goes hand in hand with data science, and cloud computing jobs range from architects and developers to data scientists)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Big Data Science.
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy.
13 Apr 2022

What is the best career for next 10 years? ›

32 in-demand jobs for the next ten years
  • Management analyst.
  • Application developer.
  • Information systems manager.
  • Information security analyst.
  • Statistician.
  • Veterinarian.
  • Physician assistant.
  • Nurse practitioner.

What jobs will grow in the next 10 years? ›

Some of the best jobs to have for the next 10 years include solar installer, information security analyst, nurse practitioner, and operations research analyst. Solar installer jobs are expected to grow 63% over the next 10 years. Operations research analyst positions are expected to grow 26% over the next 10 years.

How can I earn 1 cr per day? ›

In simple words, every business has the potential to earn Rs. 1 crore per day. You have to increase only your own ability to sell your product.
You need the team and grow your business.
  1. Food Business. Start to open veg. ...
  2. Education Business. ...
  3. Clothes Business. ...
  4. Home Business. ...
  5. Online Writing Business.

What will be the salary of software engineer in future? ›

The average system software developer salary is ₹589,581. An entry-level system software developer can earn around ₹460,000 per annum with less than one year of experience. Early level system software developer with 1 to 4 years experience get around ₹531,792 per annum.

What is the first salary of software engineering? ›

What is the starting salary for a Software Engineer Level 1 in India? Average starting Salary for Software Engineer Level 1 in India is around ₹3.5 Lakhs per year (₹29.2k per month).

Which engineer is most in demand? ›

The Most In-Demand Engineering Jobs
  • Data Science & Machine Learning. ...
  • Automation & Robotics Engineer. ...
  • Petroleum Engineer. ...
  • Civil Engineering. ...
  • Electrical Engineering. ...
  • Alternative Energy Engineer. ...
  • Mining Engineer. ...
  • Project Engineer.

Which IT company is best to join? ›

List of Top IT companies in India 2021:
  • Google.
  • Infosys.
  • Amazon.
  • Cisco.
  • Tech Mahindra.
  • Wipro.
25 Feb 2022

Which is easiest job in IT company? ›

What are the easiest (and highest paying) tech jobs to get with no experience?
Job TitleMedian Salary
Data Analyst$64,438
Digital Analyst$54,541
Digital Project Manager/Web Project Manager$82,110
Junior Web Designer$52,535
7 more rows

Which field is best in IT company? ›

Top 15 Highest Paid IT Jobs In India
  • Web Developer.
  • Computer Support Specialist.
  • Computer Hardware Engineer.
  • Computer & Information Research Scientist.
  • Big Data Engineer.
  • Software Systems Developer.
  • Blockchain Developer.
  • Software Applications Developer.
8 Sept 2022

Is software engineering still in-demand 2022? ›

Well, the global demand for software engineers in 2022 is still at an all-time high as job postings soar. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that software development employment will likely grow by 22% between 2020 and 2030.

Are software engineers in-demand in 2022? ›

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers, including software engineers, will increase to 22% between 2022 and 2030. This percentage is almost 4% more than the growth of average careers.

Which country has most job opportunities 2022? ›

  • Canada. #1 in A good job market. #3 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • Germany. #2 in A good job market. ...
  • United Kingdom. #3 in A good job market. ...
  • United States. #4 in A good job market. ...
  • Australia. #5 in A good job market. ...
  • Japan. #6 in A good job market. ...
  • Switzerland. #7 in A good job market. ...
  • Sweden. #8 in A good job market.

What type of developers are most in-demand 2022? ›

6 in-demand software development skills for 2022
  1. Full Stack Web Developer. All stacks are in high demand (front-end/back-end/database). ...
  2. Data Scientists. ...
  3. Cybersecurity Specialists. ...
  4. Cloud Engineers. ...
  5. DevOps Engineers. ...
  6. UX Designers.

Which IT technology is most in demand in 2023? ›

Top 10 IT Skills In-Demand for 2023
  • Cloud Computing. ...
  • Artificial Intelligence. ...
  • Cybersecurity. ...
  • Data Science. ...
  • Data Analysis. ...
  • DevOps. ...
  • Machine Learning. ...
  • Product Management.
4 days ago

Which software field is best for future? ›

Software engineering is the best career to start ever. We're seeing a global boom in this field. Evans Data Corporation's Global Developer Population and Demographic Study says that there are 26.9 million developers worldwide. By 2023, there will be 26.7 million, and by 2024, 28.7 million.

Is there a future for software engineers? ›

Yes, the future of software engineering will be rife with emerging jobs, new technologies, and innovation that demand computer science experts with specializations in software engineering.

Will software engineers be paid more in the future? ›

What will be the average software engineer salary in 2022? The Robert Half survey suggests a 3.8% increase in average salaries in 2022. The study also noted that certain domains would see a much higher average pay hike given the high demand for professionals in these fields.

Which country future is best? ›

15 Best Countries to Live in the Future
  • United Kingdom. GDP per capita, Purchasing Power Parity in 2021: $49,675.3. ...
  • France. GDP per capita, Purchasing Power Parity in 2021: $50,728.7. ...
  • Canada. GDP per capita, Purchasing Power Parity in 2021: $52,085.0. ...
  • Finland. ...
  • Australia. ...
  • Germany. ...
  • Austria. ...
  • Belgium.
16 Oct 2022

Which job is best for future 2030? ›

15 Jobs You'll Be Recruiting for in 2030
  • Organ creator. ...
  • Augmented-reality journey builder. ...
  • Metaverse planner. ...
  • Biofilm installer. ...
  • Earthquake forecaster. ...
  • Makeshift structure engineer. ...
  • Algorithm bias auditor. ...
  • Rewilder.

Which country is better for it jobs? ›

Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, and the United States have higher software engineer salaries than other countries. A data scientist is one of the highest-paid jobs across the globe. Argentina pays PHP developers generously compared to the country's average pay for other IT skills.

Which IT technology is most in demand in future? ›

Here is the list of the most in-demand and trending tech skills that will offer you a successful career:
  • Data Science.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • DevOps.
  • Blockchain.
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Cybersecurity.

Which software skill is most in demand? ›

Essential IT skills
  1. Security. Security should be foundational to any IT team. ...
  2. Programming. Being able to program will be a must for those who want to develop software, web applications, and websites. ...
  3. Systems and networks. ...
  4. Data analysis. ...
  5. DevOps. ...
  6. Cloud computing. ...
  7. Machine learning.
4 Nov 2022

Which developer is in demand in future? ›

Full-stack developers having a working knowledge of various layers of software development and being competent in multiple programming and coding languages are much in demand.


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