How to Hire a Software Developer (2022)

If you’re a software development team lead or project manager, hiring a new developer can be a hassle. If it doesn’t go well, it can not only cost you time and money, but it can also bring down your existing team’s morale and make some surprise withdrawals on your sanity savings account.

This article gives you a brief survey of some wisdom collected from the perspectives of both sides of the hiring coin. The software developer, your strategies, and perhaps most importantly, how the two fit together—these are the sources to watch.

Before you even start thinking about hiring a software developer, there are a few pitfalls you can already prepare against, which we cover in “The Experience.”

Once your organization is prepared for success with a software developer, we look at some potential “gotchas” you can avoid in the hiring process in “The Developer.”

But the bulk of the advice isn’t so one-sided: It has to do with the dynamic between the software developer and your organization, covered in “However the twain shall meet.”

How to Hire a Software Developer (1)

So consider this list, for the sake of not only the success of your project and your organization, but also you and your hired gun as individual people. Let’s dive in.

The Experience

1. No Useful Trial Period

You and the software developer you hire both benefit from the additional screening of a paid trial period. Make sure they understand that you expect them to dive in just as they would if it were not a trial period, but that you also want to use the time for both of you to understand as much as possible about whether they will ultimately be a good fit. Give meaningful software development work and appropriate support, and keep your instincts active as you monitor their progress.

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Along the way and/or at the end, have them evaluate their experience in a blame-free setting. Whether you hire them or not, this will be valuable information for both of you, going forward.

2. Poor Onboarding

The easiest way to get a software developer off on the wrong foot is to throw them into software development blindly, without support. Sometimes, to some extent, you might expect to be able to do this—in which case, it should be made clear before you even interview them. But even then, give as much support as you are able to, because this is an investment that immediately pays off in productivity and morale. (The flip side of this is that if your onboarding is lax enough, even small mistakes can turn into disasters. Even an expert software developer will need some time to get properly oriented to your environment, even if it’s less than what a junior developer would need.)

Give them a good sense of your work culture and expectations. Give an overview of workflows, team responsibilities, boundaries, and so on. Give them enough information and/or mentoring to get them working with the actual code base as soon as possible. Give them all the documentation you have, and where you don’t have it, use their experience as an opportunity to create some.

Even if it's just pasting your Slack chat into the readme for now, having some docs for the next new team member will be better than nothing!

Find low-hanging fruit in your project to get the ball rolling for them. If possible, have someone review their code on these tasks as well–since they’re simple tasks, this should not be an undue burden on your team, but will provide invaluable information about any gaps between the work the software developer is doing and your expectations. It’s much easier to address such things sooner than later, and even with the most extensive instructions, every new hire is likely to need some time to get into the groove of your team and/or code base.

3. Unclear Requirements

The biggest hurdle you can avoid in the software engineering game is undue imprecision. Chances are slim that you will get what you want when you hire software developers if you are not clear about what that is. They are even slimmer if you yourself don’t even know.

How to Hire a Software Developer (2)

So, communicate what you know with as much detail as you can. This helps developers better predict whether they have or can learn the right skills for the job. And make sure you know as much as you can to start with: Interview your main developers to find out what the key technologies and techniques are. Know at what level of detail they will need to work, from tiny code touch-ups to architectural changes. If your key developers left before you hired replacements, maybe some hints can at least be found on their resumes.

This may all seem like a bit of a pain, but it’s definitely worth keeping your stakeholders on the same page.

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This is all assuming your candidate is approaching you honestly, which you hope you can assume most of them will be. But, this charitable assumption can sometimes be a pitfall, too, as we’ll find out in the next section…

The Developer

4. Resume Padding or Copying

This one’s not always easy to detect, but a little bit of internet searching can go a long way. If you find another resume out there with the same text, it’s not necessarily your person who is the copycat! There’s a great article about this on the Toptal Blog; particularly, we recommend the section “What if I hire contractors?” The advice there applies equally well to non-freelancer resumes.

Copying entire resumes is not the only problem. Some resume-padders are more subtle than that. Fact-check what you can. Any confirmed resume plagiarism or over-the-top exaggerations (e.g., if they claimed to have written a much higher percentage of a project’s code than they did) should be considered a major red flag at best.

How to Hire a Software Developer (3)

5. Lack of Empathy

It can be a bit difficult to pick up on this in an interview, but a trial period should afford some opportunities to see how well a person relates to coworkers and/or clients.

In fixed software engineering jobs, this might be something that some workplace training could improve, but budgets don’t usually cover that sort of thing for freelance software developers.

Regardless, you’ll want to hire software developers who already have a decent amount of this sort of soft skill. Otherwise, be prepared to spend time helping iron out extra wrinkles in the social dynamics of your organization.

6. Lack of Temet Nosce

“Know yourself” is a pretty important meta-skill for a software developer. Of course, nobody knows everything, and the more you know, the more you know how little you know—so, to some extent, this is not a show-stopper. But a software developer should at least have an inkling of how capable they actually are of accomplishing a given task. (How long it should take is another story altogether.)

If you’re asking them to do something they’ve done before, ask what they would have done differently if they could have done it again. If it’s a new task for them, ask for their approach, and get a second and third opinion on it if it’s too technical for you to comment on yourself. Either way, ask them to “think out loud” as much as possible for this, and pay attention to their thought process. This can be a good way to glean whether a software developer has illusions of grandeur.

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Leave open the possibility of a follow-up explanation, though. Software experts are human, too, and it’s natural to be nervous during an interview. Some who would do an excellent job might make some obvious mistakes during an interview, but would be more than comfortable and capable once on the job. That’s where the next pitfall comes in…

However the Twain Shall Meet

7. Ignoring Your Instinct

It’s a well-studied fact that our guts are worth listening to, whether or not there’s something definitive and factual to corroborate with. That’s not to say we shouldn’t analyze our own biases to keep them in check. If you have a strong feeling about a software developer not being a good fit, and this isn’t coming from a stereotype or preconceived notion, then you are doing everyone a favor to take it seriously.

(If you’re looking for some great stories exploring how the mind’s epic brilliance and horrendous failure can both be found in experiences of intuition, you won’t regret checking out Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink.)

8. Incompatible Expectations

Make sure you clearly agree on prioritization and other work boundaries, making your assumptions known. If you assume a new hire is on call for software development 24x7, and they assume they have weekends off, there will soon be unnecessary conflicts.

Before you hire a developer, talk it through. Be clear what’s no problem, and what’s a concession; invite this from them, too.

9. Consistently Poor Communication

No act of communication between any two people is ever 100% perfect. That said, if you notice that misunderstandings between your software developer and others on your team (or even just you, at the interview stage) are more common than average, and that they’re not tending to decrease with time, this may be an indicator of a bad match.

How to Hire a Software Developer (4)

In most cases, it’s not a matter of fault, but of fit. If you’re able to address it with them, and they’re adaptable enough, it may improve—but chances are, finding someone who fits your communication style more readily will save you both a lot of headaches over the course of the contract.

10. Shoehorning

It can be tempting to hire software developers who are perfectly wonderful and capable candidates, even if they are terrible matches for the particular context where you need someone. This will likely help neither of you in the end. They would simply fit better elsewhere: maybe in your organization, but maybe not. The pitfall here is assuming that the candidate wants to and will be able to adapt themselves so drastically. It’s possible, but unlikely–so it’s very much worth asking further questions about this to give more opportunity for your instincts to chime in.

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11. Excluding Good Generalists

On the flip side of the previous pitfall, this can happen if you obsess too much over finding the perfect candidate. Clear requirements are still important, as mentioned earlier, but insisting on finding someone who has experience in every last specialization, especially nowadays, is pure folly. Sometimes it will make it simply impossible to find anyone. Even if you do find some candidates, though, you may have excluded the best ones from consideration.

How to Hire a Software Developer (5)

Sometimes a good renaissance developer will learn quickly and ultimately do a better job than a seasoned specialist. Not always, but don’t preemptively deprive yourself of a potentially better option.

12. Assuming Money Is the Only Factor

The wily economy, such as it is, sometimes tricks us into equating money with power. There’s some truth to it, of course, but money is definitely not the only factor driving software engineering. Will someone work 5x better for 5x the wage? Maybe, but not likely sustainably, if they also have to work in a toxic environment.

When you hire software developers, what exactly do you expect for your money? And what else do you offer, besides it?

Flexibility can mean a much happier software developer, but others may prefer a set structure. Work culture can make the difference between getting paid to do what you love, and the daily grind from Hell. Organizational values (expressed on numerous levels) can also be significant. After all, not-for-profits sometimes can attract great developers more affordably, because such work can give a greater sense of purpose.

12½. Neglecting to Learn from the Pitfalls Most Applicable to You

We hinted at this in the trial period section, but it also applies beyond that, to ongoing contracts: Provide a safe space and dedicated time for your developers to take a step back, evaluate their experience, and share about it honestly. Do this regularly (even if infrequently) and/or as needed (e.g., following an incident.)

Especially do this whenever someone will be leaving your software engineering team. Exit interviews are your opportunity to get the most candid and valuable feedback possible, provided they know that any criticism they give will not come back to bite them later. This can be one of the best ways to learn which software developer hiring pitfalls dog you and your team the most.

May the Workforce Be with You

Hiring a software developer can be a very effective way to throw money at a problem, but it certainly isn’t foolproof.

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Sometimes the experience and environment you provide a developer just isn’t conducive to their productivity, nor to even noticing that anything is amiss. Other times, you’ll need to be on your guard against some undesirable qualities and practices in your potential hire.

Mostly, though, it’s a matter of continuing to hone your managerial instinct while keeping your biases in check. Does the software developer in question honestly fit the role and fit your team? It’s your call.


How much does it cost to hire a software designer? ›

It depends on what type of agency you're looking to work with. An enterprise-level agency will typically charge $250-$850/hour and will often require large budgets exceeding $500,000 before they agree to work on a project. The next level costs around $200-$300/hour, and their contracts tend to be 6-figures and up.

How much does a software developer cost? ›

You can expect to pay between $220 to $330 per hour for projects ranging in size from $125,000 to more than $5 million. These companies are generally well known and popular among software developers, so they tend to attract top talent and build strong development teams.

How much does it cost to hire a team of developers? ›

The Costs Of Freelance Developers
Geographical LocationAverage Hourly Rate
United States$70 / hour
Australia and New Zealand$70 / hour
Canada$65 / hour
Middle East$64 / hour
7 more rows
20 hours ago

How do I hire a good freelance developer? ›

How to Identify and Hire a Top Freelance Developer
  1. Step 1: Review their portfolio and examples of their work. ...
  2. Step 2: Get to know the freelance developer on a more personal level. ...
  3. Step 3: Discuss the project in detail. ...
  4. Step 4: Offer a paid trial period to your selected candidate.
Apr 19, 2022

How much do freelance software developers make? ›

Freelance Software Developers in America make an average salary of $112,663 per year or $54 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $153,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $82,000 per year.

How much do coders charge per hour? ›

Rates typically charged by coders on Upwork are: Beginner: $25 per hour. Intermediate: $41 per hour. Advanced: $80 per hour.

How much do freelance software engineers charge? ›

You can easily find freelance software engineers with 10+ years of experience in the $60 – $100 hourly rate range.

How much does a developer cost per hour? ›

About $100-200 for a developer's work per hour is more common among employees of a small company. They typically consist of 10-100 team members. A mid-sized company housing up to 1000 employees can offer their specialists $200 - $300 hiring rates.

How long it takes to develop a software? ›

As shown above, the total average time for custom software development is typically four to twelve months. However, it is important to note that, according to a study by KPMG Information Technology, 85 percent of software development projects go over schedule.

How much does it cost to hire a freelance developer? ›

According to Upwork, freelance developer hourly rates, including web developer cost per hour, are: Web front-end: $60-$85 per hour. Web back-end: $85-$160 per hour. Desktop development: $40-$110 per hour.

How much should a freelance developer charge? ›

Reasonably skilled freelance web designers make about $75 per hour. This figure can vary though, according to CSS-Tricks. Website Builder Expert estimates that the cost to design a website is $30 to $80 per hour and the cost to develop it is $100 to $180 per hour.

How much is the cost of developing an app? ›

Many factors influence the price, depending on the complexity of the app development, at 40$ per hour, the average cost will be: Simple App Development Cost – $40,000 to $60,000. Average App Development Cost – $60,000 to $150,000. Complex App Development Cost – from $300,000.

How much does it cost to make an app? ›

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App on Average? It may cost from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a mobile app, depending on what the app does. The short answer is a decent mobile app can cost $10,000 to $500,000 to develop, but YMMV.

What does a software developer do? ›

Software developers are the creative, brainstorming masterminds behind computer programs of all sorts. While some software developers may focus on a specific program or app, others create giant networks or underlying systems that help trigger and power other programs.

How much a software developer earns in Australia? ›

The average software developer salary in Australia is $110,000 per year or $56.41 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $95,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $140,000 per year.

How much does it cost to hire software developers in India? ›

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Software Developer in Various Locations?
Eastern EuropeBelarus, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary$20-45 per hour
AsiaIndia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan$20-55 per hour
AfricaEgypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco$20-40 per hour
3 more rows
Feb 15, 2022

What does a software engineer do? ›

Software engineers design and create computer systems and applications to solve real-world problems. Software engineers, sometimes called software developers, create software for computers and applications.

What does a software developer do? ›

Software developers are the creative, brainstorming masterminds behind computer programs of all sorts. While some software developers may focus on a specific program or app, others create giant networks or underlying systems that help trigger and power other programs.

Looking for a complete guide on how to hire a software developer? Follow these 5 easy steps to hire talented software developers for your project.

How to hire software developers?. If you are ready with the requirements and have estimated the budget and timeline, then check the following section to discover how you hire software engineers.. You will get an idea of whether the developer has experience working on similar projects or not.. Generally, you will find reviews and testimonials on such websites as Clutch and Upwork, along with a few project details.. This will guide you to find the best model for your custom project requirements.. This model will let you hire the best developers who will work dedicatedly on your project.. Consider outsourcing your requirements to lower development costs Clarify your expectations before hiring the team Track your hiring process to ensure you hire the best developer Keep the job description realistic to discover the right talent Check on the work experience of the software developer Identify your must-have technical requirements for the project Look for soft skills for easy and transparent communication Ensure that the team choose the best software development methodology Look for a flexible software development team that is ready to accept challenges Consider a trial period to assess the skills of the developer before fully committing to them. Look for a talented software engineer Find someone who has experience with 2 or more programming languages The developer should have good experience working on a similar project Look for a creative as well as clean coder Must have soft skills to ensure a transparent communication. Contact us if you are planning to hire a dedicated developer who has vast experience working on various tech stacks and building top software solutions for various industries.

Hire a software developer is not an easy task. We help you to choose the path to find the tech specialist that fits your requirements.

With adopting remote work, software developers can be located in any part of the world.. The best way to hire a developer will depend on the project size and length, requirements, and budget.. Hire a freelance developer. An in-house software developer is a developer who is hired directly into your company.. Recruitment agencies One more popular option for hiring in-house developers is using the services of recruitment agencies.. As a company, you will (high) pay fees for the recruitment agency service of finding you a suitable software developer.. If you don’t mind your developer working remotely or if you are looking for a developer for a short period hiring a freelance developer is probably a perfect option for you.. A dedicated developer is a software developer or engineer that is committed to working exclusively for your company or on your project.. The hiring of dedicated nearshore developers has all the benefits of working with freelancers as an easy hiring process, the desired level of flexibility, and the lower price of services.. Dedicated Developers vs. Freelancers Dedicated developers offer a higher level of expertise Dedicated developers are fully focused op your project, whereas freelancers may work on more projects simultaneously The software development company providing dedicated developers is more likely to provide a better development environment, resources as well as communication support that might lack quality in case of freelancers Security is one concern associated with remote developers, and it can be better addressed if you hire a dedicated team from a trusted software development partner .. Here are some useful tips that can help you in selecting the right software developer for your project.

Find out how to hire software developers in 2022 and what it takes to find the very best tech talent in today's uber-competitive job market.

To stop you from being one of them, we’ll guide you through what to look for in great software developers and exactly how to hire them!. Some of the most common technical skills that employers look for when hiring a software developer include:. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly the type of software developer you need for your business.. The disparity of supply and demand makes hiring technical software development talent one of the biggest recruitment challenges of today.. So before we get into exactly how to hire a Software Developer, you need to know what a good one looks like.. Secondly, a good software developer will be a master of developing projects that deal with big data.. A big data developer maintains, tests, and develops big data solutions within organizations.. Great developers build great things and won’t be afraid to showcase them.. The best developers get their pick of great jobs, so you have to stand out as a business.. Not sure that Skills Testing is the right way to go?. How to hire a software developer?. You’ll get a sense of how they think, how they work with the team, and whether they can deliver what you need.. Most importantly, be sure to pay candidates for their time during their test period, as it is a big commitment without a guarantee of a job at the end of it.. Not only will you have a better chance of finding someone great, you may even be able to find top talent at a more cost-effective salary point, especially if you hire remotely from abroad.

How to Hire Software Developer? If you are looking to drive innovation, hire talented over experienced developers. Don't overlook soft skills.

The fast-paced, technology-driven field of software development has a constant requirement for software engineers.. Knowledge of programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, React, etc., is desirable.. Full-stack developers : These are front-end and back-end development experts and are proficient in most of the programming languages mentioned above.. While hiring software engineers, look for good problem-solving skills above creativity and technical skills.. A software developer with strong communication skills is essential to work together with the team and streamline the workflow.. Talented software developers with excellent soft skills and technical abilities are the jackpot in software development talent.. A well-defined job description is essential to hire candidates who are perfect for the role.. When hiring a new software developer, clearly communicate the job details and what the team currently has.. For the new hire to contribute productively to the team, it is essential to gauge their abilities to determine where they could deliver effectively.. Some top software developers have great intuition, are technically sound, have good process management, and have social networking skills.. It’s all about searching in the right places with clearly defined expectations.

We speak on how to find the right software developer or hire a dedicated development team from the ground up.c

How do you hire a software development company that would be a reliable partner for your business?. Not only can a great software development house uphold your company’s brand reputation, but also significantly improve your company’s IT department.. A great place to look for software development companies are business directories.. It is always good to have reference material when choosing a software development company.. Software development partnerships refer to the terms agreed to when hiring a software development company.. While the first is straightforward and refers to building a software engineering team that will handle all software development and will be managed internally.. Will you hire a software developer, a dedicated team, or build a dedicated development center?. A dedicated development team, on the other hand, is managed entirely by the software development company you contract.. At the end of the day, which software development company to hire will be your call.

Hiring a freelance software developer? This hiring guide offers a set of insightful tips to help you hire a top freelance software developer in 2022.

Hiring a freelance software developer?. This hiring guide offers a set of insightful tips to help you hire a top freelance software developer in 2022.. The flexibility of work hours Another reason why hiring freelancers is smart is that you can hire them for a project and not worry about their work hours.. Mobile App developers (iOS developers and Android developers):. For example, if you need Node.js developers, PHP developers, Python developers or Ruby on Rails developers, etc.. Hiring a freelance developer who is specialized in the field of your project ensures that you get exactly what you want.. You should also make sure that the freelance developer that you hire has a track record of working on similar projects, in order to ensure that they are capable enough for your project.. Remember, you should always hire a freelance developer that is the best fit for your project.. Though most freelance developers work remotely, consider the effect of timezones and working hours before finalizing a candidate.. Hiring through an agency - this is one of the most popular ways to hire freelance developers.. The advantage of hiring through an agency is that you are assured of quality work, as the agency will only assign you projects that their developers are experienced and skilled enough to take on.. Hiring through a freelance website - there are several freelance websites online that are dedicated to helping companies find freelancers.. Hiring through a headhunter - you can hire freelance developers by reaching out to headhunters as well.. Hiring through a referral - if you know someone who has previously worked with a freelance developer that they can recommend, you might want to go ahead and hire them.. In the end, it is better to hire a more expensive developer who has quality work and provides value for money than hiring an inexperienced cheap developer.

Hiring software developers is a meticulous process in which business organizations have to keep a check on various factors. Also, it is essential to know the requirements before hiring software developers.

Thus, it is advised to have a flexible hiring process to find skilled software developers.. And to do this, with knowledge and skills, they would need flexibility in their work process.. Business organizations must consider this keenness before hiring developers for their software projects.. It is said that the best business enterprises hire the most intelligent people who make their work process more accessible.. We have created a list of top software development types and what to expect from each who is claiming to be experienced and expert.

Connect your company with the right software developers to make the best hires for your company. Learn how to choose the very best.

In your job description, make sure that you:. For instance, your company will gain more value spending $150,000 a year hiring an experienced developer who makes close to zero errors, coding in half the time than a junior developer who takes longer, makes more mistakes, and may need several months to ramp up.. So how do you find the right people for your organization?. Be present on job boards that cater to technical talent such as , , and LinkedIn .. One of the most reassuring and helpful steps you can take as a recruiter is to share a potential list of interview questions.. That means, before you’re even ready to make an offer, you need to make sure. That’s because, over time, you’ll build up a reputation for your organization.

Learn how to hire a dedicated team of software developers: how to determine who you need, where to find a team, and how to choose a reliable partner. Read more.

The structure of an ideal dedicated development team, Cost of hiring a dedicated development team, Steps to hiring a dedicated development team, And more!. Consequently, if you’d like to develop a mobile app, you need to consider hiring a team of dedicated mobile app developers .. Project manager or product manager Business analyst Tech lead UX/UI designer Front end developer or mobile developer Back end developer DevOps engineer Quality assurance tester. There are three common software development team structure types: dedicated, team extension, and project-based team.. Dedicated Development Team A dedicated development team is a group of remote experts who help design, develop and maintain the software.. Hiring Resources on a Project Basis As opposed to hiring a dedicated team, this involves a single contract hiring a team of developers to work on a specific software functionality within a product.. In-House Development Team A dedicated in-house development team means that you have a pool of developers broken into teams, where each team handles a separate project.. Learn about the basic steps to hiring a dedicated development team and what you need to know before hiring a dedicated development team.

Interested in a career as a software developer? Read on for tips on how to land your first job, including degree and certification recommendations.

Software developers use their programming skills to create new software and update existing applications.. Learn more about this rapidly growing career, discover course recommendations to build skills, and 10 tips to get a job as a software developer.. In this role, you may be involved with every stage of the software development process, from figuring out what users need and how they'll use the software to rolling out a completed application.. You may sometimes work with computer programmers, although many developers complete all the coding themselves.. Software developers and engineers perform many of the same functions with many of the same skills.. Four you might consider mastering include Java, Python, C++, and Scala.. Java is an all-purpose programming language used for developing server-side applications.. Explore a Career as a Software Engineer.. Learn the basics of programming and software development. Python Syntax And Semantics, Basic Programming Language, Computer Programming, Python Programming. Where do you want to work?. As you gain more experience, curate your portfolio to show off only your best work.. Be sure to include projects where you’ve used technologies that align with the jobs you’re applying for.. Beyond programming languages, it helps to have experience working with other tools that software developers commonly use.. Chevron Right As a software developer, you'll be tasked with using code to solve problems in creative ways.

Software developers use their programming skills to create new software and update existing applications. If you’re a creative thinker who enjoys problem solving, a career as a software developer could be a good fit.Software is essential in nearly every industry, which means you can pursue a career...

Software developers use their programming skills to create new software and update existing applications.. Cloud Native, Devops, Iaas PaaS Saas, Hybrid Multicloud, Cloud Computing, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, Git (Software), JavaScript, Cloud Applications, Distributed Version Control (DRCS), open source, Version Control Systems, Github, NoSQL, Cloud Infrastructure, Json, React (Web Framework), Node.Js, IBM Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Containers, Openshift, Data Science, Python Programming, Data Analysis, Pandas, Numpy, Application development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Django (Web Framework), Database (DBMS), SQL, Serverless Computing, Microservices, Function As A Service, Web Application. Scala Programming, Parallel Computing, Apache Spark, Functional Programming, Recursion, Immutable Data Types, Higher-Order Function, Laziness, Type Class, Referential Transparency, Reactive Programming, Data Structure, Data Parallelism, Parallel Algorithm, Big Data, SQL. Software developers work in a variety of industries, including software publishers, finance companies, insurance carriers, and computer systems design organizations.. Beyond programming languages, it helps to have experience working with other tools that software developers commonly use.. Develop in-demand skills and learn from industry professionals at your own pace with a Professional Certificate like IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate.. Cloud Native, Devops, Iaas PaaS Saas, Hybrid Multicloud, Cloud Computing, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, Git (Software), JavaScript, Cloud Applications, Distributed Version Control (DRCS), open source, Version Control Systems, Github, NoSQL, Cloud Infrastructure, Json, React (Web Framework), Node.Js, IBM Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Containers, Openshift, Data Science, Python Programming, Data Analysis, Pandas, Numpy, Application development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Django (Web Framework), Database (DBMS), SQL, Serverless Computing, Microservices, Function As A Service, Web Application


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