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Alena Terentyeva

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Imagine that you need to develop software. To find the best development company, you are going to write a request for a proposal, send it out to potential contractors, and make a choice that should ultimately lead you to solve your business problems. You create a new document and … you’re faced with a question: where do I begin? And what should I write about?

In this article, based on our 18 years of experience in development, we will tell you exactly how to write a request for a proposal for software development. During this time, we have received thousands of requests for a proposals of different quality. Many of them have common problems. Read on to learn why you need to create a request for a proposal for software development, what to include in it, and what to consider when writing it.

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What is a request for proposal and why do you need it

Customers usually write a request for a proposal (RFP) when they are looking for a contractor. The customer formulates detailed information about the project and sends it to potential vendors. Based on the request, contractors provide feedback on cost, deadlines, approaches, and other key issues related to the future project. In this way, the RFP becomes the starting point for developing your solution.

RFP benefits:

  • With an RFP, you can get and compare multiple points of view on your project from different service providers.
  • A clearly formulated request simplifies negotiations with potential contractors.

How the process of contacting contractors with RFPs works

Stage 1. First, you need to understand what you want and how it fits into your business strategy. Identify the types of solutions and partners you are considering, the actual scope of work (SOW), and who will be involved in reviewing the submissions, negotiating with the supplier, and monitoring the implementation process.

Stage 2. Now it’s time to write the RFP document itself. This is where you need to structure the information that you defined in step 1. Remember that the proposal shouldn’t be just a couple of sentences. This is not enough to conduct a constructive conversation. However, wasting time on a hundred-page technical specification at the first stage is also not worth it. Stick to the middle ground and prepare a moderately detailed, structured letter – that will be enough. In the following sections of the article, we will explain in more detail what issues you should address when writing an RFP for software development.

Step 3. You contact the selected suppliers to find out if they are interested in a new contract. If your RFP contains trade secrets or other sensitive data, you can ask them to sign an NDA before disclosing any details. Send your request for proposal to suppliers. If necessary, the sales manager and analyst will contact you with additional questions to understand your project and requirements better. After that, potential contractors will send you their proposals. The proposals may include an initial estimate of labor costs, the composition of the project team, and hourly rates of team members, as well as information about the company, its experience, and customers.

Step 4. Review and compare the received proposals among key stakeholders. One way to evaluate the proposals is taking into account the importance of key issues in the proposal. Then, based on how well the vendor’s response matches your expectations, rate each item and add the scores based on their significance, through a tool like a decision matrix, to select a potential winner. After you enter into a contract with the company with the most suitable solution, you should also notify the companies that you did not choose.

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Who usually writes RFPs

It depends on the project and the size of your team. For example, it can be a project manager or a product owner from your company who will be involved in the evaluation of proposals and the management of the project. When preparing an RFP, it is helpful to be familiar with the development methodologies as well as the essential stages of software development.

What to include in a request for proposal

Each project requires a unique solution. This means that the RFP will be different for different projects. However, some questions and sections will be similar. We will tell you which ones you should pay attention to when preparing a request for proposal for development.

Project overview

Start with a short description of the company and its background information. What goals and objectives have you set for the project? What problem do you need to solve? What exactly are you planning to develop – a website, an application or a system? What value should the product add to your business? Who is your target audience? You will most likely need to edit this part a couple of times later, but remember to start with it first.

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Project scope and results

Explain functional requirements (what the program should do) and non-functional requirements (what are the limitations), without specifying “how to do it.”

Try to consider this issue from different angles:

User experience. Write about what the user will see and be able to do. For example, “the user should be able to like and comment on the posts made by other users.”

Product capabilities. Write about the capabilities associated with the system. For example, “the system should send a message to the manager if there are less than 100 items left in the warehouse.”

Optimization. Describe in detail what needs to be automated so that users do not have to take specific actions. For example, “the system should automatically notify us of a new order.”

Entity details. These are the characteristics of each object that is part of new development. For example, an object “Students” in an online learning platform might have the following attributes: user ID, email, course subscription, billing information.

One way to communicate this information is through User Stories. If you need help defining, analyzing, and managing requirements, we will be happy to advise you.

Technical requirements and limitations

Describe your existing technology infrastructure and the platforms with which you want to integrate your software. Think about what devices the program should run on. Will it be a website or a mobile app? iOS only or iOS and Android? Do you have any parts of the project ready-made? The answers to these questions will significantly affect the cost and timing of the project.

Project management

In this section, describe the expectations and questions regarding project management: approaches, tools, communication methods.


Whether you have a fixed or flexible budget, feel free to indicate in your RFP the order of the amount you plan to spend on the project. Serious companies are not interested in making artificial estimates because they value their reputation. This will make it easier for them to understand what to offer you. The contractor will include in the estimate only those features that correspond to the estimated cost, and will offer technical solutions that can solve your problem for the specified budget;

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You may not know how long it will take to get something done, but you probably have a timeline on which to get it done. Do you have a tight deadline like a new product launch or an ad campaign? Maybe you have a major exhibition ahead of you, and by this time you need a website? Communicate your schedule ahead of time and your suppliers will be honest about their ability to meet your proposed deadlines. In addition, responsible vendors will usually help you understand whether you have set realistic deadlines or not. If we see that the volume and timing do not match, we will help you determine the functionality that needs to be prioritized.

Extra Questions

Here you can request important information to help you choose the right supplier. This is convenient because this way vendors will send you responses that are similarly structured and you can compare them directly. Here is a possible list of questions you can use to write your own.

  • Company name and experience
  • Geographic location
  • Industry experience
  • How the project cost is estimated
  • How post-release support works
  • Are there any advantages in establishing a long-term partnership with your company?
  • Are there any other opportunities you would like to share?

Tips for writing a proposal

Find out the opinions of all stakeholders

Seek input from everyone interested in building a product, including the head of business development, marketing, or sales. Their perspective and experience is critical before the most important details are added to the RFP.

Make your point clear

The point of an RFQ is to find a development solution that meets your needs. If the request is unclear, it will be difficult for potential partners to understand if they can provide what is needed.

Attach additional materials

Attach additional materials to the letter that will help the contractor evaluate the project: an outline of the technical specification, documentation, corporate identity, data on the target audience, prototype, design concept, or even drafts on a napkin. Show examples – for instance, links to competitors’ projects. This way the customer will have a better idea of what you’re looking for.

If you have not had any serious experience in software development, try to tell what needs to be done, not how

When submitting a request, you must be confident in the team’s knowledge. The proposed path may not be the most likely to succeed. It should be understood that people who face similar tasks every day for several years in a row are competent and know what they’re doing.

Leave several types of contact information in the letter

This will make it easier for the manager to answer you. It is good practice to indicate when and in what form you want to receive an answer (an estimate range, a detailed estimate, or a commercial proposal with a presentation).

Check the layout of the letter

Try to get rid of mistakes in the text. Send a letter from a corporate mailbox and indicate your full name as well as your title. The developer should see that this is a real application. Anonymous letters – without specifying contact details and your name – are often treated with great caution.

If you are sending a request to several companies at once, you should not put all addresses in a copy of one letter. This looks dismissive and reduces the interest of the contractors.

Wrapping up

An RFP helps to gain mutual understanding of the task between the customer and the contractor, to get a result that meets expectations.

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How To Write RFP For Software Development - Azoft (4)

Starting a project with a well-formulated request and with the right development team is the key to success. We hope our guidelines will help you write an effective RFP. If you need help with formulating an RFP or would like to send an application to us, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.



What is RFP in software? ›

In a nutshell, a Request for Proposal (RFP) software is a computer program that lets you manage your proposals. If you're a service provider or a vendor, you'll use RFP software to respond to RFPs and track proposals. Conversely, as a buyer, RFP software makes it easy for you to request RFPs and respond to them.

What is RFP in SDLC? ›

What is an RFP for software development? The software development request for proposal is the initial document you create before you select a software development firm. A software RFP can also be used for other projects.

How do you write a software request? ›

Key Requirements Of RFP Template, Software Development Proposal For App Development:
  1. Summary of the project and company overview.
  2. Scope of services and deliverables. Project Management. Technology stacks. Infrastructure. Functional Design. Product Requirements. ...
  3. Timeline.
  4. Suggested structure for vendor bids.
  5. Selection criteria.

What is the role of RFP in making software project successful? ›

An RFP is a document that a business, non-profit, or government agency creates to outline the requirements for a specific project. The RFP process helps solicit bids from vendors and identify which one is best qualified to complete the project.

How do I start an RFP process? ›

The RFP process begins with drafting a request for proposal. Bidders review the solicitation and submit suggestions for improvement. After implementing feedback, the final request for proposal is issued. Bidders then submit their proposals.

How do you respond to an RFP? ›

How to write an effective response to an RFP in 5 steps
  1. Write a formal cover letter. ...
  2. Include an executive summary of your proposal. ...
  3. Add information about your implementation plan. ...
  4. Discuss partnership contract. ...
  5. Highlight references or proven results from your work.
4 Aug 2021

What information is typically conveyed in an RFP? ›

1. What information is typically conveyed in an RFP? The RFP expresses in detail the needs and requirements of the organization, and specifies the process it will use to evaluate potential vendors.

What's the meaning of RFQ? ›

Request for quote (RFQ) is a process wherein an enterprise asks a set of potential suppliers or service providers to submit their price quotations and stand a chance to supply or provide goods or services.

How do you ask for software access? ›

1 - I would like have access to the below🙋 environment to work on the upcoming project. Please provide your approval. 2 - please grant me access to the machine to work on my duties. 3 - please provide access to the application for troubleshooting purposes.

What is a development request? ›

A development request is a request for ICTS to look at providing a new service or system (i.e. something not catered for at present); or to substantially redesign or develop an existing service or system. The development request differs from simply logging a call to place an order or to request assistance.

How do you ask the team to install software? ›

Write an email to helpdesk (it department) to asking about all the software that he needs. Dear helpdesk/sir, Kindly please install the following software into my computer.
Kindly please install the following software into my computer.
  1. ABC Software.
  2. XYZ software.
  3. DEF software.
27 Feb 2008

How long does IT take to write an RFP? ›

Overall, the complete RFP process should be expected to take anywhere between 9 months to 3 years to complete. Budget cycles, grants, and other factors will likely impact the length of time to develop and release an RFP, as well as collect and evaluate responses and award a contract.

What is the typical structure of a RFP? ›

Broadly speaking, a basic RFP consists of the following sections: A project overview and administrative information section contains an overview or summary statement of the problem, similar to a proposal's executive summary, as well as the administrative information concerning the management of the RFP.

How do you present RFP results? ›

5 tips to prepare your RFP presentation
  1. Start by asking the right questions.
  2. Have a leader, but be a team.
  3. Practice keeping your talking points customer centric.
  4. Build trust and don't guess.
  5. Outline next steps and follow up promptly.
18 Mar 2022

What is difference between RFP and RFQ? ›

The main difference between RFP and RFQ is that an RFQ is sent when a business already knows what they want to purchase and only needs more information about the price, and an RFP is sent when a business needs more detailed information about the product or service itself.

What is RFP PDF? ›

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is to invite prospective vendors to submit a proposal to provide <<XYZ>> system to <<Company Name>>. The RFP provides vendors with the relevant operational, performance, application, and architectural requirements that the system must fulfill.

What makes a successful RFP? ›

RFPs must explain the bidding process and contract terms while providing clear guidance on how proposals should be presented. The RFP should detail the nature of the project or need, including a clear account of how the bids will be evaluated—the criteria for evaluation and the method for grading proposals.

What are RFP questions? ›

Questions to Ask Before Starting the RFP Process
  • What is the problem? ...
  • What are your goals for the project, and do they align with the goals of your company? ...
  • What are your requirements? ...
  • What is the scope of the project? ...
  • Does the new solution integrate with existing systems? ...
  • What is your budget? ...
  • What is your timeline?
14 Jun 2018

What is an RFP template? ›

The RFP, then, is a document to source that work and allow vendors and contractors to bid for the work. The RFP provides an overview of the project in order to give the bidding companies a clear description of what is needed and how they can help accomplish those goals.

How long does IT take to respond to an RFP? ›

RFP Response Timelines

Writing an RFP response takes an average of 24 hours to complete.

What are bid documents called? ›

Bid Call Document means the solicitation document in the form of an Informal Quick Bid (Request for Quotation (RFQ)) or Quick Bid Request for Proposal (QBRFP), Request for Tender (RFT), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Sale(s). Sample 1.

What is the advantage to sending a proposal via email? ›

What is the advantage to sending a proposal via email? The proposal can be summarized in the email.

What makes system integration so difficult? ›

What makes systems integration so difficult? Bringing legacy system data and new data together. The business need is common. through the Internet.

Does RFP include price? ›

An RFP is a formalized and structured way of getting specific vendor information (including pricing). It allows you to detail the problem you wish to solve and invites vendors to suggest solutions.

Which comes first RFI or RFP? ›

An RFP is usually what follows an RFI; in fact, it's rare that a company will go from an RFI to an RFQ (for reasons that will become clear below).

Is an RFP a contract? ›

Instead, an RFP is simply an offer to receive proposals for a contract.

How do you write a professional email asking for something? ›

How to write an email requesting something
  1. Organize your request. ...
  2. Write an approachable subject line. ...
  3. Begin with a formal salutation. ...
  4. Express your request. ...
  5. Include benefits for the recipient. ...
  6. Conclude with a call to action. ...
  7. Focus on the recipient. ...
  8. Include additional documents.

How do I request software via email? ›

Sub: Request for Installation of Software

Sir, I am writing to request that some software must be installed on the office computer systems. As employees of accounting and business, I believe Microsoft Office 2016 (Software name and type) is the greatest universally used and most useful tool for businesses.

What are the common way of making request or permission? ›

To give permission, use the modal verb 'can'. To refuse permission, use 'can't'. When you make a request, you ask someone for something or ask them to do something.
Conversation 2.
7 more rows

How do you install a software describe the process? ›

Installing software from the Web
  1. Locate and download an .exe file.
  2. Locate and double-click the .exe file. (It will usually be in your Downloads folder.)
  3. A dialog box will appear. Follow the instructions to install the software.
  4. The software will be installed.

How do you express urgency in an email sample? ›

Examples of how to politely ask for something urgent in an email
  1. I marked my email as urgent, so I hope I get a prompt response. ...
  2. Could you please provide any updates on the ticket? ...
  3. This is my second reminder. ...
  4. We are writing in connection with a recently opened ticket from us.
1 Oct 2021

How do you write an email requesting template? ›

How to write an email requesting something
  1. Consider your recipient and purpose. ...
  2. Write a memorable subject line. ...
  3. Write a greeting. ...
  4. Introduce yourself and your purpose for writing. ...
  5. Consider including your benefits. ...
  6. Add an action step. ...
  7. Write your closing statement. ...
  8. Review and revise your email.

What is the main reason to read carefully an RFP? ›

A thorough reading is also necessary so you will know exactly what to include. The request for critical information for the proposal may be scattered throughout various sections of the RFP. Also as you read, you may find key phrases being used over and over. Take a hint and use those in your response language.

How many pages should an RFP be? ›

Many of the outstanding RFPs we received are five to ten pages. If you include these ideas in your next RFP, you'll have happy applicants and set the stage for a successful project.

Who writes the RFP? ›

An RFP writer is responsible for producing documents known as Requests for Proposal or RFP. These request documents are sent out to vendors so that they can bid on the proposal.

How do you win RFP bids? ›

5 tips to crafting RFP bids that win
  1. Identify and understand your ideal customer. ...
  2. Define your RFP process. ...
  3. Assign proposal tasks early. ...
  4. Be genuine — Customize canned answers. ...
  5. Highlight how you are different, but don't give away your secret sauce.
10 Nov 2021

What are the 7 steps in a RFP? ›

7 steps to ensure a successful procurement process
  1. Identify the problem. ...
  2. Make a business case. ...
  3. Define your requirements. ...
  4. Reach out to potential vendors. ...
  5. Conduct a weighted-scoring analysis. ...
  6. Make the final selection. ...
  7. Engage with your vendor.
24 Mar 2022

What is an RFP in Saas? ›

Omer Bakkalbasi. Companies tend to engage in request for information (RFI), request for quote (RFQ) and request for proposal (RFP) processes to make sure they end up choosing the right software that meets their business and IT requirements.

What is RFQ and RFP? ›

RFP. While an RFQ is a request for quote, an RFP is a request for proposal. The main difference is the purpose. An RFQ is sent when you know exactly what product/service you want, and you really only need to know the price.

Who writes the RFP? ›

An RFP writer is responsible for producing documents known as Requests for Proposal or RFP. These request documents are sent out to vendors so that they can bid on the proposal.

What is an RFP cyber? ›

Every acquisition program should include language in their Request for Proposal (RFP) that addresses Cybersecurity requirements for a contractor. These requirements should be clearly and unambiguously articulated to potential offerors and what is expected from them in terms of compliance and performance.

What is an RFI vs RFP? ›

The RFI is a request for information, the RFP is a request for proposal, and the RFQ is a request for price quotation. They are official documents issued by a government contracting body that's getting ready to purchase a product or service, but not all are suitable for every vendor to pursue.

What is the RFI process? ›

An RFI (request for information) is a formal process for gathering information from potential suppliers of a good or service. RFIs are intended to be written by customers and sent to potential suppliers.

What are the 4 steps in the bidding process? ›

The necessary steps are: Bid Solicitation. Bid Submission. Bid Selection.

Does RFP include price? ›

An RFP is a formalized and structured way of getting specific vendor information (including pricing). It allows you to detail the problem you wish to solve and invites vendors to suggest solutions.

Which comes first RFI or RFP? ›

An RFP is usually what follows an RFI; in fact, it's rare that a company will go from an RFI to an RFQ (for reasons that will become clear below).

What makes a good RFP writer? ›

Similar to technical writers, RFP proposal writers need to convey information to their target audience. But unlike technical writers, they also need to make a point why their client is the perfect candidate for a job or grant. The goal is simple, but how you get there takes a lot of practice and experience.

How long should an RFP process take? ›

Overall, the complete RFP process should be expected to take anywhere between 9 months to 3 years to complete. Budget cycles, grants, and other factors will likely impact the length of time to develop and release an RFP, as well as collect and evaluate responses and award a contract.

What is RFQ stand for? ›

What Is a Request for Quote (RFQ)? A request for quote (RFQ), also known as an invitation for bid (IFB), is a process in which a company solicits select suppliers and contractors to submit price quotes and bids for the chance to fulfill certain tasks or projects.

What does RFI and RFQ stand for? ›

When a buying organization disseminates a Request for Information (RFI), they are seeking general information about prospective suppliers' capabilities and services/goods. The next phase in the procurement process, involves either a Request for Quotation (RFQ), or a Request for Proposal (RFP).

What does RFI stand for in Cyber Security? ›

Remote file inclusion (RFI) is an attack targeting vulnerabilities in web applications that dynamically reference external scripts. The perpetrator's goal is to exploit the referencing function in an application to upload malware (e.g., backdoor shells) from a remote URL located within a different domain.

The software development request for proposal is the initial document you create before you select a software development firm. An RFP can also be used for other projects.

Product label How do solicit bids for software development projects from reputable vendors?. To help with that, we’ve created a guide for writing a software development request for proposal (RFP).. The software development request for proposal is the initial document you create before you select a software development firm.. When a company receives a properly composed RFP for software development, they are more likely to respond appropriately.. For the past 8 years, we have helped 200+ companies outsource their software development.. Software development company reps will rely on this to create an accurate proposal.. Consider requesting information from each vendor on their QA and testing policies, as well as how they create both developer and user docs.. If you don’t want to bother yourself with writing a proposal, have trouble describing the technical part, or still aren’t sure why to outsource software development , you can schedule a call with our team .. Relevant is a 8-years old software development company with excellent product development expertise.

A tutorial for drafting RFP for software development. Request for proposal sections with live samples. A software development RFP template ready to download.

RFP (a request for proposal) is a document that outlines all the project specifics for potential vendors.. This detailed project description contains the project goal, technical requirements, work scope, budget, and other characteristics.. RFP is issued to get bids for the project fulfillment from potential service providers.. RFP helps to streamline the search and selection process for a worthy software development company.. Company A is seeking a software developer contractor for creating an eCommerce web application to provide a convenient, fault-tolerant platform for processing online orders and providing timely customer support.. As with any other document section, here you should list only the valuable information for potential vendors.. It is the most significant part of the custom software development RFP that describes the scope of work you expect from a vendor.. However, the provided information should be enough for developers to understand the required deliverables and weigh if they can manage them in the stated time frame.. Provide enough time for software vendors to analyze your project requirements and prepare accurate quotations.. Often companies expect bidders to propose their own budget quotation according to the detailed project description and then choose a vendor with the most suitable offer.. Think about what information you need from potential contractors to select the best one.. It is a rough to-do list to compose a comprehensive software development RFP that helps to think over all critical points for inquiring offers from vendors.. Contact Now Choosing the right contractor for software development highly depends on how well you’ve prepared for the selection process.. Here is a step-by-step tutorial with live samples for each document section to give you a clear idea of how to write an RFP for software development.

If you’re about outsourcing a new technology project, you may think of the RFP (request for proposal) structure, which helps you save time…

As a custom software development company, Qulix has received and processed hundreds of RFPs from potential customers.. Detailed and comprehensive requests for proposal help vendors send an informative response as soon as possible.. Project Management Infrastructure Functional Design Product Requirements Development QA Product Management. For who will the outsourcing software company be designing?. Here’s what we find important in project management and what you may want to consider as well:. For larger teams, Qulix suggests assigning a Project Manager or a Team Coordinator to facilitate communication with the Customer’s Product Manager.. If there is no project documentation, our team notes down the work of the system with its issues along with development and testing.. Make sure you mention, if there are analysts in your team to communicate with those from your potential vendor.

This guide outlines everything you need to know about creating a software RFP that ensures your company gets exactly the solution it needs.

Create a request for proposal (RFP) that outlines your requirements and send it to potential software vendors.. Supply chain software vendor Relex suggests an RFP may not be necessary for a cloud-based solution.. David Michaelangelo Silva, digital marketing manager for technology solutions firm TripSpark, suggests in a post for Blue Link ERP that smaller businesses skip the formal request and take a more “personal and dedicated approach,” reaching out to just a few vendors with a brief list of requirements.If you aren’t ready for a formal RFP or are unsure whether you need one, Uder suggests a request for information (RFI): a one-page list with a few bullet points describing what you want to accomplish with new software.. In simple terms, on-premise means you host the software on your own servers, while a cloud system is hosted on the vendor’s servers.. Your list of requirements is the “meat” of your document: Uder describes the RFP as “a requirements-gathering” or “gap-fit analysis.” The challenge is to accurately identify your requirements and communicate them to the software vendors you’re considering.. One approach is to use a reverse engineering technique : Instead of just listing all the requirements you can think of, first research relevant vendors and see what capabilities their systems offer .. Searching the Web Checking vendor websites for documentation or product demo videos Contacting vendors directly. Visit online review sites, or check out Software Advice’s website : We have product pages for thousands of software solutions, which contain real user reviews.. Make a second column for the vendor to fill out, indicating whether their software offers the functionality to meet each requirement.. If it does, have the vendor enter “yes” or put a check mark; “no” or an “x” if it does not; or “customization,” if the software can meet the requirement, but not right out of the box.. Uder estimates 10 to 20 percent of items listed as “requirements” are actually wish-list items, and speculates that this information is sometimes left out so vendors will not ignore those items or give them less weight.. Uder says it takes a minimum of three weeks to prepare a thorough software proposal—so give vendors at least three to four weeks to respond.


A structured, informative letter helps the studio to quickly understand what kind of project you want to implement and how to help you.. Another key piece of information that is often withheld in RFPs is where the business is in the approval process.. An RFP also gives businesses the ability to review proposals from several software developers at once and determine which one is the best fit for their project, needs, and budget.. The purpose of creating an RFP is to help select the vendor best fit for your project.. However, wasting time on a hundred-page technical specification at the first stage is also not worth it.

Download free RFP template for Software Development. What to include in Request for Proposal? All the necessary aspects are covered in detail in this template.

To help you go through the process of finding the best supplier for your IT or software development project, we browsed through lots of Requests for Proposal (RFPs) received over the years from our clients.. Based on them, we created a sample RFP document, in the form of a ready-made RFP template with a list of areas to cover if you need a Request for Proposal for a software development project.. It introduces a new project that needs to be completed and requests bids from suppliers to compete for the project.. The main purpose of a software RFP template is to help you select the best IT company to develop the solution you need.. An RFP for software projects is normally sent to a small number of software development companies that you shortlisted as potentially good for your particular IT project.. It will help you to select the best partner, but also help potential suppliers see if they are the right fit for your organisation and your particular technology project.. A good RFP document therefore makes it easier for you and your potential supplier to create a long-term business relationship and meet each other’s expectations.. Here’s a preview of what we included in our RFP template – and because it’s an editable Word document, you can tweak the questions to fit your organisation’s needs.. The RFP template available for download is way more detailed with many more sections and subsections.

A software development RFP (request for proposal) should explain the project’s business context, project objectives, the overall technical architecture.

Software development RFP (Request For Proposal) is a document created to inform potential vendors about the project, learn more about their domain expertise and receive project cost and time estimates.. They include the list of product features and functions, usually in the form of use cases to cover product functionality in detail.. Functional requirements derive from business requirements and cannot exist in a software development RFP on their own.. Having gathered all the requirements, businesses can include them in the software development RFP.. If you have difficulties creating the technical part of the custom software development RFP, defining the scope of services and deliverables, functional and non-functional requirements, and etc.

A handy list of key steps on how to write a Request for Proposal (RFP) Form. It is straightforward and should help you to succeed with your software development partner.

Most probably, the vendor you’re evaluating knows as much about you like you about the vendor.. If you’re not a Point of Contact, and still, you’re filling out the RFP Form, it’s better to let the vendor know.. The more details you provide to the vendor, the better the work estimates the vendor will give you back.. Links to similar software solutions – No doubt, you may have a truly unique solution, or it can have features that make the solution stand out.. By providing the vendor with, at least, a rough estimate of your budget, you will tell the vendor what’s the best way to do the project, and whether it’s financially justified at all.. It may sound unnecessary, but it gives the software development vendor a perspective of not only walking in your shoes but in the shoes of the end-user of your solution.. If you help your vendor by answering this question, the vendor will do a much better job with UI and UX.. (if no, specify how we will cooperate) Oftentimes, when a company employs an outsourcing vendor it’s either to supplement a software development team that’s their own or belongs to a third party vendor.. All in all, starting off a project on the right foot and with a right vendor is a key to success.. No matter who you will choose as your custom software development partner, DevCom or another wonderful vendor, we hope this Request for Proposal (RFP) Form will help you.

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For example, if we are talking about SEO site optimization, hosting, technical support, then this is definitely a service.In this case, the requirements for the product may be requirements for SEO, requirements for hosting and requirements for maintainability.These requirements are aimed at creating a product ready to start with certain quality characteristics, but do not imply the performance of any work or services after the product is ready.If you need to pledge this, call it services and ask for a separate offer for support services or site development after it is launched.. Separate requirements for project development or project management from product requirements .. It turns out that according to the same requirements (“what to do”), different contractors come out with different implementations (“how to do”), and invented and evaluated “in a hurry.” In order to be able to compare the proposals of various contractors for formal criteria, you are asked to make an assessment of the labor costs (and / or cost) of individual requirements.. A real project on custom development deals not so much with individual requirements as with the work packages prepared by the software architect and the project manager in response to the customer’s technical and business requirements.. If you ask contractors to evaluate the requirements, not the work packages, then the majority will at best be evaluated by the method “from a rough assessment of all the work“ spreading ”according to the requirements in accordance with their estimated complexity”.. The “Collecting and Formalizing Requirements” stage answers the question “what to do” and ends with a document including goals, objectives, business requirements functional requirements non-functional requirements system usage scenarios restrictions.. you personally and several of your colleagues are ready to give 80% -100% of your time to the project with full immersion you have sufficient competence and you are ready to dive into the development together with the technicians, you are ready to share the risks for meeting deadlines or for the low quality of the contractor’s work with you personally, both you and the contractor understand that at the moment it’s normal not to collect the requirements, because they are not yet invented until the end, but work has to start, because the market, business, and all that. you go to a relatively standard project that you have already done, you quite well understand what you want now you are not ready to give a significant part of your time to control and close communication with the technicians it is important for you to know how much development will cost now, and it is important that this was a contractor’s headache, how to get quality into a limited budget it is important for you to know when the development will be completed, and it is important that the contractor is financially responsible for disrupting the deadlines. Make a separate request for services (support, hosting, SEO) Take out a separate request for work (product creation, document, training) According to the requirements: Highlight the specific requirements for the development process Highlight the specific requirements for the project management process

If you need to create a request for proposal (RFP) to send to software vendors and don't know where to start, please consider using our free template. A well-prepared RFP will help you identify a vendor with the right kind of expertise faster.

Sometimes, a business analyst or a pre-sales engineer on the vendor’s side will work together with your reps to clarify your requirements.. A proposal may include initial effort estimates, project team makeup, and team members’ hourly rates, as well as the information about the company, its clients, and resumes of employees who will be assigned to the project.. – Once you’ve studied the proposals and made up your mind, you sign a contract with the vendor and kick off the project.. When deciding what to include in the RFP, use common sense and think about which information would help the vendor build the right thing.. Envisioned solution Describe the functional and non-functional (technical) requirements to the project.. An Optical Character Recognition solution may be required to index these documents.Benefits: A full and well-compiled index will provide a foundation for the entire search engine to be built upon.. UserDescriptionNeedsPain pointsMotivationStudentA student working on a thesis-Find relevant papers. -Reference papers-Inability to search from the site. -Reliance on Google. -Lots of irrelevant papers found-Save time. -Provide correct references. -Get a good gradeProfessorA member of the teaching staff supervising a thesis-Same as the student’s. -Check for plagiarism. -Identify incorrect references-Same as the student’s. -No mechanism for plagiarism checking. -No mechanism for reference double-checking-Save time. -Guide students in their research. -Look informed in students’ eyes. If the vendor should use specific technologies while working on the project, mention them in the RFP.. Proposal guidelines Here you can describe proposal deadlines, level-of-detail requirements, and information/experience/expertise requirements, define what sort of references should be provided and how they should be furnished, etc.

When selecting a vendor, a software development RFP can save time and simplify the entire process. Our example RFP template makes it even more efficient.

Custom software development is also fraught with risk — risk of committing to a vendor that doesn’t understand your business goals, risk of disrupting your brand development strategy if something goes awry, and risk of losing money.. A sound RFP can efficiently communicate your needs and requirements to software development companies and streamline the entire vendor selection process.. If you elaborate on all the essential details and core features of the product you want to build in a well-crafted RFP, you head off sorting through proposals from vendors that don't fully understand the scope of work, wasting your precious business time (and theirs!).. For businesses looking to solicit bids from software development companies, a request for proposal is an essential document that should be assembled before you reach out to vendors.. A software RFP includes critical information such as your project goals, specific software and product requirements, and expected delivery date.. Since assembling a formal software request for proposal requires significant time and effort, some companies are skeptical about the value of both the process and the document: They wonder if the resources that they pour into the RFP really will actually increase their chances of finding a perfect-fit software development partner.. An RFI is an abbreviated version of a formal software RFP that lists essential points about your project needs along with critical questions to vendors, e.g., their relevant experience, developer skills, and pricing.. Infrastructure requirements and preferred tech stack — Any startup looking for a software vendor to build their product should understand whether a potential development partner has adequate infrastructure capabilities in terms of scalability and security.. Thinking through the following points might help you describe what you expect to achieve with your final product: User experience, including user path and user roles System related functions and features Functional requirements related to business processes Nonfunctional requirements related to system limitations Security Automation of particular tasks Functionality of each product component Necessary integrations. Project management — In this section, include your requirements for the vendor's project management tools and methodologies, as well as software development and delivery methods.. Anticipated project kickoff Timeframe for initial interviews with vendors or Q&A sessions Deadline for receiving formal responses from vendors Date for sending notifications to shortlisted candidates Timeframe for holding final interviews Date for selecting your software development vendor. Company overview Project timeline and major milestones A description of their solution, development process, and methodology Team availability Qualifications of their proposed team members Post-development training and support Recent design and development examples, including similar projects and relevant experience Rates and pricing model References from clients Cost breakdown/budget. Criteria for selecting a software vendor will differ from project to project, but you can still streamline the selection process by considering:

The software development Request For Proposal process and how to successfully outsource. Learn more from our insightful post, or get in touch for questions.

When you’re on the hunt for a new outsourced software development partner for your next project, will you be issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP)?. Done properly, an RFP process can reward you with a partner that has a good understanding of your needs, has demonstrated their capabilities to the work you need, and will provide good economics for the services they’ll deliver. An RFP process should allow you to equally evaluate vendors who have used the same baseline of information as you and/or your company to prepare bid responses.. Therefore, it’s crucial to construct a good structure for your RFP process, create a schedule for key milestones in the RFP process, and communicate often to participating vendors.. A fixed price software probably means the outsourced development team will be employing a waterfall development methodology.. In a recent interview with one of our offshore outsourcing partners, a project manager with the company told us, “We don’t like fixed bids with RFPs…If we are asked for recommendations, we suggest the Agile process – we preach Agile – because [our potential client] will get better value for their money.. In our experience, the only time you should consider requesting a fixed price bid is if the scope of work is small, and FULLY understood (and explained in the RFP document).. Contracts create the necessary legal constructs in which you and your software development partner will operate - many Accelerance partners have contracts that are governed by US law.. If your chosen software development company is chronically late to meetings, absent from meetings, communicating poorly, or just generally not interacting with good questions – these are potential warning signs that your project may be in trouble.

Think twice before issuing a software development RFP. Here are four common reasons why RFPs are a risky way to select a UX design and development partner.

A great product user experience takes into account three crucial elements: business, technology, and UX.. In many typical RFP processes, the product design lead is not involved in defining success, scoping work, prioritizing functionality, or even setting timelines.. Recently, we had a client say, “Our UX requirements are the usual cliché requirements – easy, intuitive, wow factor.” He recognized these requirements were vague and not really requirements at all – at least not specific enough on which to base a design.. Even if user experience goals are included in an RFP, have they been developed with the input of the product design team?. Sometimes trade-offs are necessary, but by not involving the UX experts and specifying user requirements up front, the trade-offs are based on reacting to constraints on time or money instead of being based on the value to the business.. To balance budget and business value in a way that will lead to business success, you must bring in early the technical, business, and UX design teams.. To be fair, one could argue that there are design skills involved in writing an RFP, but design skills are not necessarily what your team is looking for.. By the time you have interviewed the top two or three RFP responders, you may be looking at the wrong approach.

A software development RFP (request for proposal) should contain business, functional, non-functional requirements to enable your vendor provide estimates.

Software development RFP (Request For Proposal) is a document created to inform potential vendors about the project, learn more about their domain expertise and receive project cost and time estimates.. A request for proposal for software development explains: project’s business context project objectives the overall technical architecture the planned scope of work.. 2. Business requirements (BR) and Market Requirements (MR) Business requirements focus on customer needs and expectations.. A Business Requirement Document (BRD) may indicate project deliverables, the inputs/outputs of each function, but is high-level and does not specify functions or technical solutions.. Functional requirements They include the list of product features and functions, usually in the form of use cases to cover product functionality in detail.. The BRD focuses on high-level business needs, whereas the Functional Requirement Document (FRD) consists of the functions necessary to fulfill the business needs.. Functional requirements derive from business requirements and cannot exist in a software development RFP on their own.. Specific technologies that should be used in project implementation Project deployment requirements (deployment with customer’s own servers or cloud technologies) Product performance (the loading time for simultaneous or concurrent users) Multichannel user requirements (the overview of all ongoing processes: for example, all variations in execution paths should be detectable) Scalability Capacity expansion Compatibility with browsers, mobile platforms, and their versions Security (such as the enhancement of security-related components with no impact on other layers) Integration (for example, with third-party authentication providers) Maintainability requirements (for example, self-diagnostics and system monitoring tools).. Other Requirements (optional) Massive development projects may require an additional project handover stage.. If businesses lack resources and technical expertise to work through the requirements, experts suggest dividing the software development RFP into two parts.. You may outsource not only the project itself, but the process of setting functional and non-functional requirements, creating high-level technical architecture and, perhaps, even a UI/UX wireframe for the future project.. Here are the key items to include: The executive summary of the project and the project scope User review Operating environment System features Requirements of the external interface User, hardware, software, and communication interfaces Non-functional requirements Software quality Assumptions, risks, dependencies, and constraints A glossary to explain technical terminology used in the document References to related documents.. There is something that sets software development apart from other engineering activities: it is spacious enough for requirements to appear as the project implementation evolves.. Having gathered all the requirements, businesses can include them in the software development RFP.

It all starts with a well-written Request for Proposal. Looking for a template, or want to see what a good RFP should contain? We write about it in our article.

When you have a software tool or platform to build and are looking for a software house, the RFP will help you select the one you’ll eventually work with.. The document outlines your project’s details (and we’ll get to the actual details in a minute) – including the technical requirements and time and budget constraints.. It can be the project manager along with any of the experts (or teams) at your company that will later be involved in evaluating the proposals and, eventually, in the project itself.. This is important because it will help the software development company decide if they can fit the project into their schedule or prepare additional resources to meet the deadline.. A good software development RFP is not that difficult to write – although many seem to think so.

Download a software RFP template designed specifically for development projects. Here you'll find an all-detailed instruction on writing effective RFP.

This is a request for proposal example tailored for software development projects.. You’ll find an RFP template for software development, as well as practical advice about approaching this software RFP template and making it comprehensive for service providers.. Obviously, when companies send RFPs to potential providers, they want to get the best prices.. Many companies approach writing a request for proposal with the mindset of getting the lowest possible price.. Vendors’ response to the software RFP template for development that you have filled out and sent to them is more like a promise.. An RFP for software development projects is the product of collaboration.. When we talk about the RFP for software development, some specific questions should be there.. Rather, it’s about getting as much information about the software development company as possible.. Most RFP templates for software include a section in which you tell the vendors about your company, your business mission and the challenge they must solve for you.. Was this project successful and completed on time and within the budget?. Following are questions you should include in the RFP document for software development to get a basic understanding of the situation.. Our company is a _____________ .

Find 3 best practices for building a great request for proposal for facilities management software or CMMS. Plus, download an easy-to-use RFP template that includes the critical requirements an exceptional FM software should contain.

An RFP for FM software should include: Information about your company. The functional requirements you expect from the software List out what your facilities team needs the software to do (work order management, asset management, service request portal, etc.).. Software features, capabilities, and implementation – 45 points Cost – 30 points Supplier support, responsiveness, and expertise – 25 points. Some RFPs we’ve seen include a spreadsheet list of all criteria that the vendor can check “yes” or “no” to.. As part of putting together your RFP, you’ve already created a prioritized list of your main criteria for a facilities management software.

The Request for Proposal, or RFP for short, can be thought of in two ways: 

Investopedia defines RFPs as a “project funding announcement posted by a business or organization for which companies can place bids to complete the project.. RFPs typically draft the requirements for a specific project, whether for a business organization, a non-profit, a government agency, or, for the purpose of this article specifically, a software development company.. Because RFPs contain a pool of details that range from the timeline, budget, specifications, roles, and more, organizations typically lean towards this document for large projects to describe the business and technical needs and request solutions from qualified software providers.. For software development projects specifically, RFPs help companies select the best IT companies to partner with to develop a software solution.. At Svitla Systems, when we receive an RFP, we expertly research and analyze the requirements of the RFP to carefully respond and propose comprehensive software solutions comprised of our specialized models that best fit the outline of the project.. Proposal writers oftentimes leverage proposal software that helps format, include, and structure information into the RFP via intuitive templates and features to achieve persuasive proposals in a short amount of time.. Proposal writers usually start as researchers who draft proposals and then progress into the full-fledged career of proposal writing where they become the main point of contact across different teams and business areas to build a comprehensive RFP that covers the entire scope of the project.. Another key aspect that must be covered in the RFP format for software projects is the current IT infrastructure and capabilities of the company, along with a thorough description of the deployment model that must be used for the software that is about to be developed.. While both documents share key traits, the rule of thumb is that RFIs are used to request basic information to support decision-making processes while RFPs are used to prompt bids from potential vendors for specific project goals.. With projects growing in size and companies not being able to cover every single aspect of business operations, RFPs have become an essential element to request and evaluate us, potential vendors, or a software development project.

When a development company creates a bid in response to an RFP for software development services, it does so based on the specifications given by the

When a development company creates a bid in response to an RFP for software development services, it does so based on the specifications given by the requestor.. Therefore, omitting important requirements can lead to receiving bids that are too high because a company assumes more work is required, or too low because it assumes less.. To get the best quality bids, which will eventually lead to the best quality software development services, companies should strive to create a highly detailed RFP.. While this example isn’t an RFP for software development services, the point is the same: provide as much detail as possible to get the best quality of responses.. It provides a summary of the RFP, including a brief background on the company, the challenges that present a need for the project, and the project goals and requirements.. A software development vendor reading the overview should get a good sense of whether they have the ability to provide the requested services.. Services could include analysis, project management, software development, testing , and so on.. A timeline includes the date the project should be completed as well as important project milestones.. Include a list of resources to be provided by your company and those to be provided by the vendor.. For example, you might provide third-party software applications that require integration, while expecting the vendor to provide training and testing environments, software manuals, and other documentation.. You’ll want to request information about each vendor, such as how long they’ve been in business, how many clients they’ve served that are similar to your business, how many people they have available to work on your projects, and so on.. For example, you may have a system that includes points for things like previous experience, past projects or case studies, technical expertise, domain knowledge, speed, cost, and thoroughness in responding to RFP questions.. For the best results, narrow down the number of vendors to whom you send your RFP for software development services.. Creating an RFP is a project in itself.. Make sure the vendor you choose is not only a good fit to complete the work you need to be done, but also a good fit for your company’s culture.

Setting the criteria for a new software development project … and selecting the appropriate vendor to build and implement the plan … may well be one of the most important decisions your company ever makes…

Pro: The RFP can be referenced in your contract to solidify the promised software functionality and the time frames of deliverables.. Con: Every web development project has unforeseen complications that arise from functionality requirements, system integration and technological issues … and that is where an adversarial relationships can easily begin to develop.. Pro: An RFP increases price competition among software companies and helps to eliminate obviously flawed bidding practices and unrealistic promises.. Today, the first question on a bidders lips is not “What do we have to do to win this bid?” it’s actually become “If we win the bid … how can we still make money on the project?” Flawed bidding practices and unrealistic promises clearly do not serve the issuer of the RFP or the bidding entity … Competitive bidding doesn’t necessarily result in better pricing in the complicated software development industry.. Pro: RFPs tell potential service companies that you are serious about your project and that you are approaching it in a very professional and defined manor.. The time involved in developing a bid can be costly with little hope of recovering those costs … and equally, in many cases it is seen as an attempt on the part of the issuing company to obtain free consulting information (and even project specifications).. Pro: Highly structured, well defined software projects have a greatly increased opportunity to obtain funding.. Detailed reports, exhaustive documentation and well defined project parameters often justify themselves within the corporate family … and that is just where you want to be … promoting a project that has incredibly obvious advantages and benefits.. Con: Funding is where many good ideas (highly structured, with detailed reports, exhaustive documentation, and well defined project parameters) … go bad.


Software development RFP (Request For Proposal) is a document created to inform potential vendors about the project, learn more about their domain expertise and receive project cost and time estimates.. A request for proposal for software development explains: project’s business context project objectives the overall technical architecture the planned scope of work.. Detailed work on the RFP helps to avoid serious misunderstandings with the software developer (which is possible at the initial stage).. It’s hardly possible to do without investing time in a careful listing of high-level business and system requirements.. 2. Business requirements (BR) and Market Requirements (MR) Business requirements focus on customer needs and expectations.. Functional requirements They include the list of product features and functions, usually in the form of use cases to cover product functionality in detail.. Functional requirements derive from business requirements and cannot exist in a software development RFP on their own.. Other Requirements (optional) Massive development projects may require an additional project handover stage.. Having gathered all the requirements, businesses can include them in the software development RFP.. In the second part make sure you specify the RFP Response timeline, the suggested structure for vendor bids and the key selection criteria.. How to Write a Software Development RFP for Adequate Vendor’s Estimates?

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