hvac software - Elite Software - Demonstration Software List (2022)

Abbreviated Explanation on How to Obtain the FunctionalDemos

Since the visitors of Elite's web site have varying degrees of computerexperience, Elite has attempted to explain the download process in suchdetail that even a novice user can successfully obtain the software. However,for experienced users, those instructions will seem overly detailed andtedious. Elite apologizes for that and encourages the experienced userto just quickly look over these instructions and then dive right in. Whetheryou are experienced or not, if you have any difficulties downloading softwareplease contact Elite Software at (979) 690-9420 for help.

In a nutshell, here's how to obtain the demo software. Click on theprogram you want to download. Save it to your desktop (or some other location for downloads). When it is finished downloading go to where the file was saved, find the file and double click it. This should run the associated setup program automatically. For DOS programs: When you click to download a program from our site, save the file to a directory where you want the program installed. Then just unzip the program and you are ready to run it by just typing the name of the program. Please note that DOS programs can be safely downloaded into the same directory as other Elite DOS programs (since Elite has no duplicate filenames in DOS), but that Windows programs should be installed into their own unique directories, normally done automatically.

Complete Explanation on How to Obtain the FunctionalDemos

You will want to click onthe program name you want ending with ".exe" in the right most column.After clicking on the name, a "Save As" dialog box will appear and thefocus will be on the filename entry. If you were to just click on the savebutton at this point, the download file would be saved to whatever happenedto be your default or current directory. If you are familiar with downloading files to a default Downloads directory or your Desktop, you can use that method. Otherwise, Elite recommends that you instead save the file to a specific new directory that you createyourself.

If you are using Windows 95, the "Save As" dialog box allows you tocreate a new directory while at this dialog box. To create a new directoryin Windows 95, click on the down arrow button in the top, middle part ofthe "Save As" dialog box. This will display a pull down menu of the variousdrives you have on your computer. Locate your preferred drive, usuallydrive C. It will be shown as "HardDisk C (C:)". Click on that selectionin the pull down menu.

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Next, move the mouse cursor over to the second button just slightlyto the right. This button is still in the "Save As" dialog box. It lookslike a little yellow file folder with a tiny star burst coming out of theupper right corner of the folder. Clicking once on that button will createa new directory, or folder as it is called in Windows 95. The cursor willmove down a bit and you will be able to enter the name you want for thenew directory. First, wipe out the name of the directory that is automaticallysuggested to you (usually the word New Folder is there) by pressing thebackspace key. You can also use the cursor keys and delete keys. Just dowhatever you like to blank out the suggested directory name and positionthe cursor to the left of the input space.

With the cursor positioned left most in the little name entry box, typein the new directory name. Elite suggests that you simply repeat the filenamedisplayed below, but drop the".exe". So if you had selected to downloadRHVAC for Windows, the filename in the "File Name:" entry below would readrhvacw.exe. So for the new directory name you would just type "rhvacw"and press the enter key. The name will then appear highlighted in blue.Press the enter key again and the directory name should appear in the "SaveIn:" input box above. At this point, you are finally ready to click onthe rectangular "Save" button that appears in the lower right corner ofthe "Save As" dialog box. Clicking on that button starts the download process,removes the "Save As" box, and pops up a new box that continually showsyou the status of the download process. When the download is complete,the status box disappears and you are ready for the next step. Skip tothe Download Time section if you are a Windows 95 user.

How do I find a file on my hard drive?

1. Click the Start button on the task bar below.
2. Point to Find, and then select Files or Folders.
3. In the "Named" box, type the name of the file you want to find. Example:type chvacpt.exe for the CHVAC Patch Program you downloaded.
4. In the "Look in" box, type or select C:\ (or another hard drive you wantto search).
5. Check the "Include subfolders" box.
6. Click the Find Now button.
7. Double-click the file you were looking for - the name and location should be shown.

Most of Elite Software's programs require 32 bit versions of Windows, so they will not run on Windows 3.11 or older.

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Download Time

The total time needed to download a file is mainly dependent on the baudhvac software - Elite Software - Demonstration Software List (2)rate of your connection. It is also dependent on the quality of your phone connection and whether the Elite Software web site is busy ornot. The busiest time for our website is in the middle of the afternoon, Monday through Friday. In general, downloading with a 14.4k modem takes about 12-15 minutesper meg (1,000K) of file size. Therefore, downloading something like RHVACfor Windows which is nearly 4 meg (3,971K) should take a little less thanan hour. Using a 28.8k modem connection would take roughly half that time. A 56K modem would be even faster. Be sensible about what you attempt to download in the time you have availableand be aware of your local prevailing weather conditions. A glitch in the phoneline during a thunderstorm would likely require the download process tobe completely restarted.

After a Successful Download

After you downloaded an ".exe" type file then you must run that file toextract all the various individual files needed. You can run the file in many ways. If using Windows 95 or later, you can use Explorer to locate the file and then double click on it. Alternately, the fastest way to run it, would be to click on the "Start" button in the lower lefthand corner of the screen.This pops up a menu where the selection "Run" is shown second from the bottom. Clicking on "Run" opens a dialog box and puts the cursor in the "Open:" input box. There may be some program name already appearing there, if so, use the backspace key to blank it out. Next, type in the drive letter, directory name, and program name that you want to run. In the previously mentionedexample with RHVAC for Windows, you would type the following:


Note that the directory name is the same as the program name. Be sureto include the "\" characters where indicated and make sure there are noblank spaces between any of the letters. Pressing the enter key startsthe file extraction and decompression process. A status box appears displayingthe progress. After the process is complete, the status box remains onscreen,but you can remove it by double clicking on the upper left hand cornerof the box.

Installing Windows Based Software

hvac software - Elite Software - Demonstration Software List (3)Ifthe program you had selected to download was a Windows based program (thisis indicated in the second column ofthe Demonstration Software table. All Elite Programs are Windows9x, NT and 2000 compatible) then you must next perform the Windows setup operation. So continue here only if you are sure you that you have downloaded a Windows program, otherwiseskip to the "Installing DOS Based Software" section below.

Continuing with the example of downloading and installing RHVAC forWindows, the next step after the extraction process is to run the RHVAC setupprogram. If using Windows 95, the easiest way to do this is to click onthe "Start" button in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This popsup a menu where the selection "Run" is shown second from the bottom. Clickingon "Run" opens a dialog box and puts the cursor in the "Open:" input box.There may be some program name already appearing there; if so, use thebackspace key to blank it out. Next, type in the drive letter, directoryname, and the word "setup". In the example of RHVAC for Windows, you wouldtype the command below and press the enter key.

(Video) Elite Software Rhvac for ACCA Manual J, D, and S Calculations - How to Use Rhvac Online


After the setup process begins, there will be a few questions to respondto. Just accept the default responses by clicking on "OK" and the processwill soon be complete. Once setup ends, if using Windows 95, there willbe a new Elite folder created in the programs section that is accessedunder the "Start" button. Use the same procedure to obtain any of Elite'sWindows programs.

Installing DOS Based Software

If the program you had selected to download was a DOS program (this isindicated in the second column of the Demonstration Software table) thenthe completion of the extraction process is also the completion of theinstallation process. If for example, you had downloaded the RHVAC forDOS program, you could then start the "rhvac", or you could use the program manager"File" and "Run" selection. With program manager, you would type "C:\rhvac504\rhvac" andpress the enter key to run the program.

Functional Demos with User Manuals

Traditionally, Elite has sold functional demos of its software with complete user manuals for $35 per program (plus $7 shipping). And that option is still available to this day. With the advent of Internet, Elite now offers these functional demos at no cost for you to download. The only disadvantage to obtaining a functional demo from Elite Software's web site is that user manuals are not included.

The user manual of a typical Elite program has between 250-350 pages.These user manuals contain tutorials, detailed input explanations, master input data sheets, sample reports, complete methodology discussions, program verification procedures, and lots of sample screens and graphics. They are much too large and graphic to be made available for downloading. Most of Elite Software's programs can be easily used without a user manual just by relying on the built-in help of the program. However, there are some programs that deal with very complex applications, and a user manual is almost essential in those cases. Whether you need a user manual or not to run any of these demo programs, is also largely dependent on your technical background and computer experience. Even for an experienced user, the four programs that you are most likely to need the user manual with are EZDOE, HEAVENT, HSYM, and PSYCHART.


HVAC Solution - HVAC System Design. Interactive HVAC Systems Building Imagine connecting a boiler to a coil in a few easy steps; you have just sized all your pipes and pumps and performed literally hundreds of calculations in seconds.. Features Draws HVAC Air Flow and Hydronic Schematics Allows Unlimited System Arrangements Hundreds of Component Makes Are Provided Schedules Can be English, Metric or both unit systems Intelligent Components Communicate with Each Other Supports Water, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, & Steam A dual season Imposed Load component for modeling change-over systems Multiple Imposed Load graphic types for modeling varied hydronic systems Creates Schedules for All Types of Equipment Schedules Can be DXF Files or Spreadsheet Files Taco LoadMatch® single pipe system automated design feature Calculates Boiler Flue Sizes Includes Air and Fluid PropertyCalculator Includes Fan and Pump Law Analyzer New!. Now, there is an automated process whereby HVAC Solution can import all the relevant Chvac data system by system into the HVAC Solution software such that HVAC schematic diagrams are automatically generated.. Include the new Taco FI/CI2510C models and updated the FI/CI2509 to the FI/CI2509C Allow pipe temperature to be input even if the season appears to not be used Changed flow calculations, allowing for different delta T’s in cross mains and not having the order of connection affect the calculations When outputting the DXF of a schedule file, put each page in a different file Force registration for all versions except Taco's versions Added new Taco controllers (CHB1, CHB2, GHP1, HPM1) Added higher steam pressure data Changed the LoadMatch and TacoLoad wizards to allow each load to be a different type and allow each loop to have different leaving temperatures Created a subloop wizard, based on the LoadMatch subloops Added airflow portion to active chilled beams, fan coils, fluid-to-air heat pumps, dual-duct terminal units, fan-powered terminal units, and singleduct terminal units New Features in Pro Version 6.0 Added selection of Spirax Sarco steam relief valves.. LoadMatch wizard enhancements Updated plate and frame heat exchanger selection New LOFlo Mixing Block selection New Project Examiner feature New Indirect Tank Heater components (single and dual source) New Steam Generation Wizard New Taco LOFlo Design option (similar to the Taco LoadMatch Design option) Allow components to be able to move forward and backward like shapes New Features in Pro Version 5.3 Air handler wizards enhancements - build separate system for terminal heat pumps.. New Features in Pro Version 4.4 Added time saving Hydronic LoadMatch wizard Added automatic software updating Added setting of the default project pipe material Added ability to connect the primary side of a twin tee to loads Added hydraulic separator component Added new imposed load type Updated steam boiler types for Cleaver-Brooks New Components in Pro Version 3.2 Dry cooler – A brand new hydronic component.. Sample Schematics HVAC Solution draws three types of schematics: Air Handler, Air Flow, and Hydronic.. All air handler components are sized and scheduled.. In the hydronic schematic, boilers, pumps and coils are connected.

Discover complete business management software solutions designed specifically for the HVAC industry.

Companies in most other industries typically specialize in either service or product sales.. By providing functions vital to a field service-based business, ECI ThermoGrid helps keep customers happy through scheduling and dispatching, eliminating errors in invoicing, accurate inventory, and accurate job costs.. One of those features includes scheduling and dispatching.. The software provides customer management, service plans, a price book, sales proposal tools, QuickBooks integration, consumer financing, and reporting options.. This means both management in the office and technicians out in the field can get access to scheduling, invoicing/estimating, and payment collection.. The combination of desktop and mobile use allows you to manage scheduling by setting up new and recurring jobs, both notifying and dispatching technicians and estimators, and managing time and location details surrounding a job.. Invoice and estimating capabilities provide customers with a record of both proposed and completed work.. Pricing: For small businesses, these features are very affordable–starting at $49/month.. Jobber is an HVAC business software–providing estimating, quoting, scheduling, dispatching, CRM, and payment processing.. In addition to scheduling and dispatching, Jobber provides estimating and quoting, CRM, and invoicing with online payments.. Jobber also integrates with two of the most popular accounting software options available (QuickBooks Online and Xero)–allowing your business to continue using the financial package it’s used to while implementing featured dedicated to the service side of your business.. Due to the more complex requirements these businesses may deal with compared to residential contractors, BuildOps has a dedicated onboarding team that looks to understand your operation and integrate the software into your business environment organically.. Finally, invoicing in the field is possible upon job completion–allowing clients to sign off on work done and technicians to collect payments in the field.. The mobile CRM capability lets tech’s view work orders complete with notes, customer and equipment history.. Pricing: FieldEdge starts at $100/month per office user (dispatchers and management) and $125 per technician.

We have compared the best HVAC software options on the market. These HVAC service software reviews cover dispatch, billing, accounting and more.

Like most business specific software, HVAC software is designed to make the workflow easier and transactions simpler.. If you plan to use the small business software to keep track of your customers, then a customer database management software solution is what you should search for.. Finally, if you want the software to keep track of open projects, assign and complete field reports and jobs, then a maintenance scheduling system software is what you want.. Field Promax gives digital wings to your businesses with its dynamic features and integrations as field service management software.. There is no lack of field service management software in the present century; however, Field Promax stands out with its well designed and sophisticated features, making it easier for companies to trust and enter.. Field Promax , a field service management software, has been on the field for a very long time to have achieved a positive response and excellent testimonials from customers and businesses.. The cloud-based software tracks jobs from customer call to completion, even including invoices and payment.. For the HVAC software needs, you will be able to do most of your daily tasks within the software at any time.. The Start plan is the most basic and provides you a single user account with all of the basic features of the software.. Your field techs are tracked with the software and not their mobile device, and you can dispatch or change jobs at any time on the software dashboard.. Here you get the software and may find limits on things such as number of users, or total number of devices the software connects to.. However, for a true software solution either for financial, customer management or technician tracking, you will need to pay a monthly, yearly or one-time subscription fee.

          Being an HVAC professional is no easy achievement. This is primarily because there are so many things that HVAC professionals have to do. From having to check that their products are well-equipped with the proper components to repairing broken systems to constantly servicing all kinds of

That is why to help you get started, here are some of the software programs designed specifically for HVAC professionals that are taking the world by storm right now.. It has a dozen of helpful features, such as reporting and analytics, scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, estimates, and payment, GPS tracking, customer-employee communication, QuickBooks integration, live chat customer support, and mobile options.. Aside from user-friendliness, this intuitive and innovative program also offers a ton of other features, such as scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, estimates, and payment, GPS tracking, analytics reporting, customer-employee communication, QuickBooks integration, live chat customer support, and mobile options.. FieldEdge is a cloud-based field service management solution for home service contractors in fields like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and many more.. ServiceTitan is a cloud based field management platform that offers scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, sales, and more for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical home service businesses.. The key features that Wintac offers are work order management, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, and fleet management.. Just like Wintac, Smart Service is another comprehensive field service solution software.. Because comprehensiveness is Smart Service’s key feature, the software allows you to manage every aspect of your HVAC business from within the software itself.. Very much like the other software mentioned in this list already, Smart Service has the following features: scheduling and dispatching, invoicing and payment, QuickBooks integration, live chat customer support, and mobile options.. And as your luck would have it, you can definitely find a solution because, in this day and age, there are now a lot of software applications that cater to the needs of HVAC professionals.

FieldEdge's HVAC software streamlines operations and improves efficiency. Learn about scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and more on our software and app.

unmutepause FieldEdge fully equips your HVAC business to take on more clients and gives your techs the ability to easily sell service agreements and take payment right from the field.. FieldEdge has the HVAC software tools to help you make that happen with automated reminders, easily-accessible customer history notes, and more!. Our HVAC scheduling and dispatching software makes it quick and easy to assign techs to various jobs.. With our customer management tools, you can view full work order histories, service agreements, invoices, quotes, equipment, and more for each of your customers.. FieldEdge allows your techs to update invoices directly from the field and send them to customers via email.. With this powerful tool in their pockets, techs provide personalized services to customers and increase customer satisfaction.. Techs can use the app to access custom forms, attach files/images, update work orders, add notes and make job-specific recommendations.


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4. Ensign Ductwork Estimating Software (Getting Started)
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