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23 September, 2022

‘Bad hires’ is a term the entire talent community is well aware of, and it is also a term they avoid like the plague. Bad hires cost as much as four times the cost of a single hire, not to mention the loss of time, effort, and training costs. Pre-employment assessments help you save that.

These tests are conducted to analyze the job fitment of any candidate: be it a fresher or senior. They help you understand the competency level of critical and non-critical skills.

More and more companies are using pre-employment assessment tools today to compare critical competencies of candidates, helping them find the best match for the organization and job. Such tools range from cognitive tests and role-specific skills assessments to social skills, cultural fit, and beyond.

The best pre-hire assessments will help boost the efficiency of the screening process at the early stage. Top pre-employment testing companies offer accurate and quicker hiring while avoiding biases in hiring methods. The aim is to improve the quality of a new hire and remove the tedious and repetitive work from the whole hiring process. Pre-employment testing companies help organizations decrease turnover, which is difficult to achieve with manual and unreliable pre-employment assessments.

To help you choose a pre-employment assessment tool that works best for you, we have compiled a list of the best pre-employment assessment tools and their features.

Table of content

#1 iMocha

#2 HackerRank

#3 Mettl

#4 Vervoe

#5 Criteria Corp

#6 DoSelect

#7 eSkill

#8 DevSkiller

#9 Expert Rating

#10 Aspiring Minds

#11 CodeSignal

#12 HighMatch

#13 Adaface

#14 Codility

#15 HackerEarth

Top pre-employment assessment tools

1. iMocha
Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (1)iMocha is a comprehensive, AI-powered skills assessment software with advanced digital proctoring capabilities. The skill-based Talent Analytics help organizations make intelligent talent decisions. iMocha, one of the finest pre-employment assessment tools helps organizations with a bias-free solution to hire job-fit candidates faster and increase the quality of candidates.

Large enterprises like Fortune 500, Hexaware, Altran, and Capgemini use iMocha's Talent Analytics to solve their talent challenges. With over 2,500 skills-based pre-employment assessments, it offers solutions to various industries for skills like information technology (IT), coding, accounting, cybersecurity risk management, data science, and almost any other skill you need.


  • Coding simulators like the AI-LogicBox help hire top developers and provide customized skills assessments for your company.
  • The AI-powered platform also proctors assessments through audio, video, and real-time images ensuring the assessments are 100% reliable.
  • iMocha offers in-depth assessment reports focusing solely on skills analysis to ensure bias-free hiring among candidates.

Integrations: iMocha has multiple integrations to ease the process of hiring. Some include API, Greenhouse, Workable, Bullhorn, Smart recruiters, and many more.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: Custom pricing details are available upon request. Visit here to get a quote.

Looking for a comprehensive pre-employment assessment tool that suits all your requirements? Try iMocha!

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2. HackerRankTop 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (2)

HackerRank is one of the pre-employment assessment tools designed for technology/coding-related jobs. The software platform attempts to identify skills not present on a candidate's resume. In-depth analysis and reports let you view an applicant's skill level in each critical area. These reports will let you know where the candidate will succeed at the job role and company culture before hiring them.


  • Designed specifically for tech-related jobs and technology companies with the ability to create your own questions on the platform
  • This assessment tool provides over 35+ coding languages to use as coding assessments.

Integrations: Some available integrations are Lever, Greenhouse, Oracle Recruiting Cloud, Jobvite, and many more.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: HackerRank's plan starts from $50 per month or $25 if billed annually, with the ability to modify assessments and other features.

Here’s why enterprises prefer iMocha over HackerRank

3. MettlTop 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (3)

Mercer Mettl is one of the cloud-based pre-employment assessment tools that offers talent assessment solutions, coding assessment tools, and other unique solutions. The talent assessment module allows you to choose from aptitude tests, coding tests, psychometric tests, behavioral tests, and spoken English tests.

There are 100,000+ questions and advanced role-based simulators for profiles like database development, DevOps, full stack development, and data science. The assessments are currently used in 80 countries and administered in 26 languages.


  • The platform has digital proctoring features that ensure cheating prevention, customer support 24*7, and mobile-friendly access.
  • Another feature is their Mettl Xathon, an end-to-end hackathon solution that organizes the whole process in simple steps. It helps with campus hiring to generate innovation for your company among new talent while screening potential candidates for roles.

Integrations: Mettl integrates with various ATS, including systems like Greenhouse, Naukri RMS, Darwinbox, Freshteam, and many more.

Free Trial: No

Pricing: Starts from $29.95 for three tests, $59.95 for ten tests, or $99.95 per month.

4. Vervoe
Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (4)Vervoe predicts a candidate's job performance using pre-employment assessments that test job-ready skills. The system comes with 300+ available assessment templates designed for leading enterprises. Recruiters can also customize the tests with their own set of questions. The assessment company claims that you can hire faster with a lesser turnover.

The platform serves industries such as customer service, retail, advertising and marketing, healthcare, and call center recruitments.

USPs: Vervoe ensures that candidates are the right fit by developing simulation assessments of what each role is like, to see how applicants can cope on the job.

Integrations: Vervoe integrates with other widespread recruiting and workflow tools such as SmartRecruiters, Zapier, PaheUp, and others. The API also allows customized additional integration.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: The starter package is $149, and the professional plan is $529. You can also request a customized pricing plan on Vervoe's website.

5. Criteria Corp
Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (5)Criteria Corp's testing platform is scalable, making it suitable for small, medium, and enterprise-level clients. This platform uses basic computer skill tests to focus on psychometric skills like personality, cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, risk, and job readiness.


The game-based assessments feature is developed by their in-house team of psychologists. Criteria Corp is one of the game-based pre-employment assessment tools that provide candidates with an immersive and fun experience where they are engaged rather than traditional assessments. This experience improves the candidate's experience, making them more likely to take their application further.

Integrations: Criteria Corp integrates with ATS or HRIS platforms, including iCIMS, Jobvite, Lever, BambooHR, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, and many others.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: The pricing details are available on request.

Meet iMocha, the Criteria Corp alternative!

6. DoSelect

Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (6)DoSelect offers assessments for programming skills to help hire better developers. Recruiters can create language-specific assessments within minutes to evaluate multiple candidates, with DoSelect's ready-to-use library with over 5000+ ready questions, spread across 25+ coding languages, data science, database, automation, aptitude, and many other technologies.

Other available custom skill assessments for campus and lateral hiring: Assess Language, Code Quality, Crunch, API Skills, Mobility, Auto UI, Database, Machine Learning & Data Science


  • DoSelect's suite of specific language-based assessments evaluates code on language construct and the ability to navigate code
  • This assessment software performs a deep quality analysis to help refine your candidate's list, with skill insights critical to hiring the right candidate.

Integrations: Greenhouse

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: Custom pricing details are available on request.

7. eSkill

Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (7)eSkill launched its online pre-assessment software in 2003 on the logic that recruiters can customize tests to be more accurate, thorough, and compliant to hire job-ready candidates. The customized skills tests are engaging and informative according to the job role rather than lengthy, irrelevant tests that drive talented people away.

The software company has expanded globally and beyond challenging skill assessments into video interviewing, cognitive aptitude, and personality tests. This hiring assessment software is one of the most complete and adequate employee assessment platforms.

A few examples of eSkills Tests are modular subjects, subject-based tests, job-based tests, etc.

Integrations: The assessment software offers popular ATS, LMS, and HRIS systems through API. Oracle, JazzHR, SmartRecruiters, Jobvite, Neogov, Automated Business Designs, and Greenhouse are a few systems integration partners.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: Fffers multiple pricing plans on request.

8. DevSkiller

Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (8)DevSkiller is an end-to-end platform that assesses and manages tech skills through the hiring process. This one of the top pre-employment assessment tools have a more realistic technical screening platform in the market with zero whiteboards in sight. The platform has helped over 700+ customers from 90+ countries to hire better developers since 2012.

This hiring assessment software consists of more than 5000 ready-to-use recruitment questions with real-life use cases that recruiters can fully customize. Recruiters have access to extensive configurations, SSO and granular access control, and advanced reporting for hiring the best candidates. The skills assessment tests go beyond programming languages and let candidates use libraries, frameworks, tools, and databases.

USPs: The platform provides Real Life Testing over whiteboard tests and algorithmic puzzles. It mirrors real work, by immersing candidates in challenges similar to the ones they’d face if hired.

Integrations: Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, JazzHR, Workable, Lever, LinkedIn Talent Hub, etc.

Free Trail: Yes

Pricing: Starts from 499$ per month to 999$ annually.

Want to know how iMocha's users save time-to-hire by over 45% per role?

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9. Expert Rating

Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (9)Expert Rating assessments help organizations hire the right people efficiently. The platform was developed in 2001 and offers one of the most advanced employee testing solutions that give recruiters and hiring managers quick means of assessing candidate skills. This assessment platform works with companies to reduce their dollars spent on pre-employment and in-house skill assessments.

It is one of the trusted pre-employment assessment tools that offer effective employment testing solutions to large enterprises such as Fox News, Elance, Convergys, GAP, and IKEA.

Recruiters can choose from over 800+ tests that include skills like Internet Programming, Computer Skills, Internet Concepts, Graphics Designing, etc., to assess job applicants, and leverage the online platform used by 6500+ leading organizations in the US and around the world.

USPs: Web proctoring feature to monitor candidates even when examiners are offline. The system captures images at regular intervals, that can be later reviewed to detect the use of unfair means.

Integrations: The platform seamlessly integrates over 800 skill tests into your Website, Portal, ATS, or Software.

Free Trail: Yes

Pricing: Pricing is available on request.

Here’s why enterprises love iMocha over Expert Rating

10. Aspiring Minds (Now SHL)

Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (10)SHL's talent solutions and platform provide organizations with the power to scale and build out businesses with a skilled, energized, and motivated workforce. SHL takes out the guesswork of creating a talented workforce and matches the right people with speed and simplicity.

Hiring managers rely on SHL's technical assessments and interviewing platforms for university recruitment, talent acquisition, and software engineering to hire the right technical talent. This pre-employment assessment tool keeps candidates engaged in less time while giving them a personalized experience. Hiring managers and recruiters can quickly and objectively assess candidates with the platform's deep onboarding insights.

USPs: Gamefication and Game Based Assessments

Integrations: Jobvite, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, iCims, etc.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: Pricing is available on request.

11. CodeSignal

Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (11)CodeSignal is a technical interview and pre-assessment platform that helps organizations hire candidates based on their skills not resumes. American company BrainFights, Inc operates the assessment company. The platform's test and interview solutions are used by technical recruiters and hiring managers to source and qualify candidates for software engineering roles throughout the hiring process. It currently supports 70+ languages, frameworks, and tools.

The type of pre-employment assessment tools offered are:

  • Tech screen
  • Pre-screen
  • Interviews

USPs: The automated proctoring feature is ideal for companies who want to ensure scale supervision during coding assessments.

Integrations: Greenhouse, Lever, JazzHR, Taleo, and many other integrations.

Free Trail: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $200 per month, which includes one licensed user.

12. HighMatch

Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (12)HighMatch (formerly Berke) pre-employment assessment company started in 2004 to create and promote psychometric assessments that can accurately predict candidate job performance. The platform consists of two types of evaluations:

  • Cognitive ability tests
  • Personality tests

USPs: Questions asked during the assessments are tailored to the non-technical job role and organization. Examples of a few are cognitive questions, for example, numerical reasoning, personality questions, verbal reasoning, and spatial awareness. These assessments are designed to assess whether a candidate has the soft skills needed to be successful.

Integrations: Workday, iCIMS, Lever, Jobvite, Taleo, etc.

Free Trail: No

Pricing: Custom pricing is available on the website.

13. Adaface
Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (13)Adaface is a conversational AI bot that can assess engineers for first-round tech interviews. This pre-assessment company aims to attract more engineers to apply, tailor questions for the role, and provide a granular evaluation. Recruiters can save time by screening candidates for on-the-job skills like programming languages, frameworks, aptitude, etc.

USPs: One of the features is the friendly chatbot (Ada) that includes relevant code challenges instead of asking tricky questions on an assessment. This helps to identify the engineer's strengths and challenge them with relevant questions.

Integrations: Adaface API, Communication Tools, Application Tracking Systems (ATS), etc.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: Available on request.

14. Codility

Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (14)Codility is an online pre-assessment platform that companies like Microsoft, Check Point, Amdocs, and others use for assessments. The tests are pre-built or custom-made and automatically scored so that a professional can later review them. The tests typically involve a combination of 3 questions to be solved within 60-90 minutes.

The online assessment, also known as the online technical screen (OTS), is one of the first stages of the hiring process. The first stage generally involves a Codility interview, a phone interview, or both.

Candidates can solve Codility's programming challenges in various languages, including Java, C++, PHP, Python, SQL, JavaScript, and computer science. Recruiters can screen candidates accurately with role-specific assessments before moving them to the interview stage.

USPs: This tool provides a feature named CodeLive, where the candidate will have a virtual whiteboard marker and discuss challenges with a technical recruiter using various technologies

Integrations: Lever, SmartRecruiters, Workable, Greenhouse, iCIMS, etc.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: Vary depending on the scale of your technical recruitment and are available on request.

Want to know why people switch to iMocha from Codility? Read here

15. HackerEarth

Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (15)HackerEarth is a pre-assessment software company that helps organizations with their technical hiring needs. The company uses technical skills assessments and video interviewing. The platform has conducted 1000+ hackathons and 10,000+ programming challenges to date.

More than 750 customers worldwide use HackerEarth's technical coding assessment platform, including organizations like Amazon, HP, VMware, DBS, etc. HackerEarth helps hire developers using automated coding tests and top talent through skill-based evaluation and insight-rich performance reports.

USPs: Automated technical screening process which allows organizations to reduce dependencies on their company's engineers.

Integrations: Greenhouse, iCIMS, SAP SuccessFactors, Talent Hub, etc.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: Plans start from $119 to $279 per month, and custom pricing is available.

FAQ Reference

What is a pre-employment assessment test?

A pre-employment assessment is a test given to job candidates by a potential employer before hiring. These tests determine job knowledge and skills, personality traits and characteristics, cognitive abilities, and behaviors.

In short, it helps organizations better understand job applicants before making hiring decisions. Pre-employment assessments are used by recruiters, hiring managers, HR departments, etc. to screen candidates and test them for various skills, including:

  • Skills and abilities
  • Personality or character traits
  • Job knowledge (questions designed to assess technical or professional expertise in specific knowledge areas)
  • Software or language proficiency
  • Emotional intelligence (how well someone builds relationships and understands emotions)

Which are the most popular pre-employment assessments for assessing a candidate?

  • Cognitive ability — assesses candidate's brain power to solve work-related problems such as reasoning, perception, memory, verbal and mathematical ability, and problem-solving.
  • Personality and culture fit — help to understand a candidate's potential for job satisfaction and performance.
  • Role-specific tests — determine if a candidate has the necessary skills to perform various aspects of a job. (e.g., sales representative)
  • Programming skills — determine whether a candidate has the necessary coding knowledge for a given role.
  • Language— determines whether a candidate has the required language skills before hiring them.

What are the most common types of selection assessment tools?

Various kinds of selection assessment tools are available in the market, some of which are plagiarism detection tools, project-based assessment tools, peer assessment tools, surveys, whiteboarding assessment tools, live coding tools, and more.

What are two commonly used pre-employment tests?

Job knowledge tests and cognitive ability tests.

How should I choose the right pre-employment assessment tool before hiring?

Deciding on a suitable tool among all the available options in the marketplace can be a daunting task. So, check the following parameters while finalizing your assessment tool:

  • Ability to create customized questions
  • Customized performance report
  • Simulators to test real-world skills
  • Advanced cheating prevention techniques
  • 24×7 Support assistance
  • Availability of assessments for functional, technical, cognitive, domain skills, and more

Want to avoid bad hire? Choose the right pre-employment assessment tool

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Top 15 Pre-employment Assessment Tools (2022) | iMocha (16)

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